Arewa by Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

Bona 4


your beauty is a blade cutting deep into

the fleshiness of my muse, to draw blood

plastering crispy papers with fine layers of

words refined in the industry of infatuation.



your beauty is the departing sun

radiating its elegance through waters

basking in the calmness of the young night

unworried by alarming approach of darkness.



your beauty is a poet versifying moments spent

under the shade of a tree, under endless canopies

of skies deserted by stars because you were

the star for the night – the supreme beauty.



your beauty exists on the glossiness

of a paper traced with impatient hands

held captive by locks whose keys are kept

in the safe of your candid eyes…



your beauty is an inhaler to my asthmatic needs,

a pore space on my tongue sinking prodigious

wants into the abyss of contentment. Your beauty

is a restaurant where admiration freely dines…



your beauty is a creaking bed suffering

under the weight of a thousand admirers

tossing coin-like desires within confines

of a heart pleading for a victorious head.



your beauty is an ointment flowing

from the base of your brain

to the base of your fleeting feet. Your beauty

is a creation of the seventh day.

13278201_1085981224795979_1159969007_nKolade Olanrewaju Freedom is the editor of PIN Quarterly Journal and Moderator of Eriata Annual Food Poetry Contest. He has authored two poetry collections entitled The Light Bearer and Punctured Silence.


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