Poems by FERN G. Z. CARR, Member of the League of Canadian Poets and Pushcart Prize Nominee

Art and a Winter Landscape


Shadows stretch their arms

and yawn

as they lie upon a bed rumpled

by trails of footprints

disappearing into the distance

like a perspective drawing

of converging railway tracks.

Blanketed with snow-laden pines,

mountains watch the shadows sleep

under a ceiling of cirrus cloud –

their contours sketched upon a vast canvas.

Blue – everything is swathed in shades of blue:

smoke curling up from chimneys,

sky, snow-capped mountains, ice on the lake –

reflections of Picasso’s Blue Period;

the light – crisp, sharp and focused –

a tribute to nature’s artistry

as she paints a winter landscape.


After the Rain

Ebony skies obscure wooly clouds

and swallow stars,

gurgling gutters gargle,

blurry moony-eyed lights

stagger along wet pavement

below each streetlamp.

The night is drunk with ozone –

saturated, exhilarated, out of focus;

headlights scan the darkness

as homeward-bound cars

swoosh through puddles

on slick streets

unaware of the hedonistic delights

the night has to offer.


Head Shot Media 150 x 229 px at 600 dpi w 2 px Border(1)FERN G. Z. CARR is the President of Project Literacy Kelowna Society, a lawyer, teacher and past President of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  A Full Member of and former Poet-in-Residence for the League of Canadian Poets, this Pushcart Prize nominee composes and translates poetry in six languages including Mandarin Chinese.  Carr has been published extensively world-wide from Finland to Mauritius.  Honours include having been cited as a contributor to the Prakalpana Literary Movement in India as well as having had her work taught at West Virginia University, set to music by a Juno-nominated musician, and featured online in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper.  Her poem, “I Am”, was chosen by the Parliamentary Poet Laureate as Poem of the Month for Canada.  Carr is thrilled to have another one of her poems currently orbiting the planet Mars aboard NASA’S MAVEN spacecraft. www.ferngzcarr.com


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