“Arike” by Makinde Damilola



      sit, that I might squat to tell you of my love.

    Relax, that you might feel the weight of

every word I utter.
Only in comfort will you appreciate

 the tales of your beauty I am set to tell.


   my heart dances only to your will’s beat.

     Like a wind at night that fearlessly parts wide

    the curtains on busy lovers, you like a sabre’
cut through my seeming invincible aura
to behold my fragility in its nudity.


     your dimples carve a pathway to your craved

 utterances, and serve as the gateway to the
heaven of your alluring smile.

 Tonight seems too much of a hare,

  but in the morrow’s night, I’ll take the pace of

 a tortoise in gracing your cheeks’ succulence.


         Like the snail longs for water, to spring from its shell,

          I long for your hydrating touch for my dehydrated desires.

          You are like a nonpareil under an ocean of suitors’ tongues,

        while my words may seem like drizzles of water, but look

     beyond my utterances to behold my genuine intentions.


            your beauty is that of a duckling at birth, pure.

              Your eyes’ innocence intimidate words from my larynx.

                    Your dairy pillows fare me into the future, in envy of our offspring.

           The sway of your hind mellows evokes fantasies of ecstasy.

 Your beauty is like the Creator’s mystery, mystifying.


     Go to bed, for my love for you will propel the crickets

        to damn winter to lull you to sleep, chirping of my love.

Awelewa temi, I’ll be back in the morrow at sunset,

to someday explore the secrets of your dexterously

      sculptured corporeal, in the presence of the moonlight,

  while darkness spectates.


remember this day, that from I, Akanmu,

 from my throne of emotions, descended the

versification of these words.


Arike – A female Yoruba name

Awelewa temi – My beautiful maiden.

Akanmu – A male Yoruba name


Makinde Damilola Peter hails from Oyo state, Ogbomoso. He currently studies for a degree in Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan. Soccer skills are not part of his strengths but he is enthusiastic when it comes to being a spectator of the sport. He takes delight in reading, making people laugh and has happily been a long standing prisoner to writing.


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