Clotting of a Bleeding Heart by Ibrahim Abdul Hameed

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Feelings are supposedly blind,

But even then, boundaries exists, never to be trespassed,

Greatest of all, is love, bane and cross, of the cursed,

For you’ll turn a blind eye to all, and have your actions back bite you,

Princesses are for princes,

Commoners, remain for commoners,

It is evident, in the weave of history, Romeo will testify,

one of love’s foremost pioneers.

Some, are destined, to be kings,

Others, destined to live and die, in oblivion,

This, is the norm of life,

No need to have tall dreams, of being a lord’s wife,

Or fantasize about a lady, that’ll put you in strife,

There are great follies to love, and I could get old; listing,

Life sadly, is short, and no one, wants to spend half of it listening,

All this,I ponder, near a lake of salt,

My face, glistening, with tears of blood,

Getting heartbroken, is none’s fault, but yours,

Love doesn’t make you a fool, no,

It makes you, the greatest dolt,

Now,I find it a must, to rid my heart, of its pus,

And turn hurt flesh, into an impregnable fort.


IMG-20160602-WA0000Ibrahim Abdul Hameed is a student of University of Ibadan, studying for a degree in Communication and Language Arts. He takes delight in Reading, writing and sporting activities.


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