Romantic and Crime Thriller: “Nemesis” by Akinyode Peace

fotolia_57426348_subscription_monthly_m.jpgI crossed the present to the future and by the time I got back to Micheal’s house, the sun was already giving way to the moon and its cohort – darkness. I opened the half opened  door to find him reclined in a sofa faraway into dreamland, with his innocently studly face almost stripping me of my mission there. I moved closer to him shutting my eyes, as I plunged the knife into his stomach repeatedly, until I could hear him gasp no more. I slowly released my eyelids to jolt back in fright as his battered flesh gushed blood from his lifeless body. Cold shivers sent tickles through my spines as I turned to dash out, dropping the dripping knife…

  •                                                         *                                                *

Michael was the Superman every lady fantasised. Aside his political prowess on campus, he was tall, a bit fair, aesthetically built and remarkably handsome with his lush smile and husky voice being the cake’s icing. His physical qualities and acclaimed intellectuality floored his average academic performance. “Joy, bequeath to my Eagle, wings, that we might tour the world together, forever”, were the last words that night that released the long melted wax in me. I was always going to accept his vastly craved proposal, but I had to make him hunt deep for the priced jewel I was. I had outrightly turned down proposals from other  guys but Michael mysteriously got under my sleeves, I fell in love with him from our first contact.

Our relationship blossomed with evident passion. Michael showered me with love inexpressible. Lavishing me with gifts I reluctantly received due to his loving nags.  I just couldn’t help but adore him. Two months into our relationship, he invited me over to his apartment situated off campus because he was a nonfinalist. On getting there, my darling Michael was waiting at the door flashing his beautiful smile at me, erupting goose bumps all over my body as I blushingly reciprocated the smile. Getting to him, I surrendered into his open arms, with the fresh scent of his bath soap endearing him more to me. “ he was all mine and no one…” on completing the thought, Michael calmly lifted me in his arms into the house, smiling at my fragile self, saying “ I miss you my Queen” “ I miss you too” I replied, restraining the urge to kiss him. He gently placed me on a cushion and went into his little kitchen.

I sat, ruminating on those ephemeral moments of pleasure in his arms, looking into his alluring eyes and just as I was about sinking deeper into my thoughts, he was back with a tray carrying an enticing dish of rice and stew with plantain. I was dumbfounded! He never cooked for me. Even I never cooked for him on any of his visits. Snacks were the limit of what we ever offered each other. Except on occasions when we ate out. I tried to conceal my already visible excitement as he neatly set the meal on his little table saying he brought it for us. We slowly ate and talked in between as he fed me at intervals. After eating, we played the ludo game at which I beat as many times as we played. After which we started playing rough until I felt him hit my breasts to which I jolted. Doing so, a dominant silence engulfed the room as we kept staring at each other until he perforated the silence. “ Joy, I love you so much and would never do anything to hurt you. Believe me, nothing, not even getting pregnant for me would change what I feel for you” he said, drawing me close to himself. His warm breath  against my neck weakened my intended resistance. His hands brushed through my blouse unhooking my bra like an expert, kissing me all over, and as I surrendered fully to his manly touch, he tweaked the tip of my milk jugs sending me wild with desire as he released his loins, venturing us further into ecstasy.

I got back to my hall of residence at the nick of time before the gate was locked. I sauntered into my ever bustling room deaf and mute to my roommates’ jest advances. I slumped into my bed and silently but profusely cried myself into sleep’s arms. Micheal and I subsequently in consistency, indulged in the act. And as nature had planned the aftermath of unprotected consummation, I conceived. Only for Michael to enact complaints which initially never existed. This reason thickened by my undying love for him,  consequently made me take 3 promising lives on different occasions. One day, I woke up earlier than usual courtesy of an excruciating pain in my belly. I turned on the bed for hours trying to supress the pain until I involuntarily let out a loud shrill, waking my roomates. They rushed to my bed and tried to separate me from the blood drenched bed sheet that had tangled with my legs. And as they did so, they seemingly faded out as I surrendered to unconsciousness.

My eyes gradually parted, slowly connecting with my brain to perfectly shape and identify my dizzy view of one of my roommates Dasola and my sore eyed mother. She had obviously been crying. I made to move but a sharp pain was faster and a sterner warning than mum’s, to restrict my movement. I knew the die had been cast and there was nothing to conceal anymore. I then weakly beseeched Dasola to make a call to Michael, informing him of my condition. She did, but no answer was received. “ Maybe he was busy”, I thought, creating an excuse for him. So I further implored  her to send him a text , as I felt it necessary for him to know of my present situation.

I was discharged from the hospital three days later , bringing my total stay at the hospital to a week and a day without a glimpse of Micheal. Fortunately, the first semester exams were over, so I packed  a few things and my mum drove me home. The drive home was so long while my mum and I kept mum all through. On getting home, I noticed dad’s car in the garage strangly signifying his presence at that time of the of the day. I hurriedly offloaded my things and headed straight for my room with the fear of bumping into my dad gripping me till I entered my room. I burst into tears and repeatedly tried my Michael’s number which went through but denied me access to his voice. Lots of questions paced through my mind as I continued sobbing. Later that day , I was summoned by dad’s deep and magnetic voice to the living room. The cause, I already knew, but the aftermath of the summon made my knees quiver as I made through to the sitting room. My dad never gave me the treatment of the only child when it came to discipline, he was always very hard meting out punishment. He was seated with his spectacles as usual, balanced  on his pointed nose. While mum sat some meters away from him, looking pale. I bowed my head as mum spoke first amidst tears, making it known that the doctor told them that in order to stop the bleeding, they had to evacuate my womb. I felt a missile hit me. As if that was not enough, she also revealed that I had also contracted syphilis.  With this she burst into uncontrollable tears.  That moment signalled ths end of it all for me. My father, whom I awaited his usual disciplinary measure, surprisingly subtly expressed his outright disappoinment in me. Expressing his disbelief that I could foil his name in mud… With this I crashed to the ground, weeping like a bereaved young woman.

The next day, I left the house without anybody’s consent or knowledge. I wanted to see Michael , I wanted to hear him profess his love for me despite my present situation. I needed to hear his subtle voice explaining to me the reasons he didn’t see me at the hospital, answer my calls nor replied my message.  The thoughts of losing myself into his arms filled my head as I drew nearer to his abode. He was the only source that could ooze solace for me that moment. When I got to his apartment, I knocked on the door, and did so repeatedly refusing to succumb to the urge of leaving as the door showed to have been locked behind. Thirty minutes after my arrival, the door knob turned, making my heart jolt to life at the thought of beholding my Micheal. But alas there stood a beautiful lady, losely cladded in a  towel , slightly exposing her cleavage, questioning my presence at the door.  My body raged with hatred and anger making me shove her aside only to behold my beloved Micheal in his underpants, as he quickly grabbed a nearby towel. ‘Michael,  what is this I’m seeing? Weren’t you aware of my situation at the hospital? , did you intentionally keep mute” I blurted, raising my voice.

He stood to his feet, put on that lovely smile, however this time mockingly and said “Joy, don’t be stupid,  you were just one of them, nothing more nothing less. You should sort yourself out if you’re in any mess and not come here ranting!’. I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked at the poisely seated lass behind me and pointing at her, I asked ‘ Are you treating me like this because of this.. ‘ interrupting my anger birthed statement, Micheal said ‘ Heeey, just hold it right there.  Anyway meet Linda my fiancee” “ what!” That was it, that was the nail in my head.  Hot tears streamed down my cheeks as I subconsciously left Michael’s house, while they burst into a derisive laughter. I walked far from his house weeping all along until I got to a public garden opposite a market where I entered and wept more.

*                                                                        ^                                                           *

The thought of the journey to this point of devastation had initially fared me into the unborn act of Killing him. He had killed me while I still lived. He deserved to die. I was going to bring that ghastly future to the present and end him in my past! I suddenly gathered myself, left the garden and crossed to the other side- The market.  Immediately, I sighted a woman who sold kitchen utensils and from her I purchased a long sharp knife and paid without bargaining nor collecting my change. She noticed my eyes and countenance and was about to say something but I had left.

I got back to Michael’s house, meeting the door slightly opened, just as I had earlier imagined. I opened it carefully and strong-willed but what I saw was different from my imagined future as my jaw dropped! Micheal and his tagged fiancee were lying in the pool of their own blood. Just then, the police stormed in! The knife seller had alerted them and they traced me down there. I was in for it!

Two weeks later, I was exonerated.  The murder was of bullets, while a note was found in Michael’s room.

The unknown murderer was a victim of my predicament courtesy of the same man.


img-20160524-wa0003.jpgAkinyode Peace is the second of her parents’ offsprings and a sophomore at the University of Ibadan, studying English and Literary studies. She takes delight in traveling, meeting people and reading novels. Time has exposed her to discovering the solace writing can bequeath as she also sees it as a channel to reaching the world at large.


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