Special Feature: “Divine Passion and other poems” by Nadine Jessel

Photo Credit: Taango Images
Photo Credit: Taango Images


Dear melodic breeze
encircling passion’s meadow

Dance in the paradise
of my domain
for the bouquet of affection
which stems from my desire
to love

In the exquisite radiance
of the Divine
the richness of splendor is unveiled
flourishing as the blossoms
within the pinnacle
of the Universe ~NJ~

Nadine Jessel – Copyright © – 2015 – All Rights Reserved
From My Heart ~ To Your Soul (R)


A poetic pen
possesses infinite possibilities
of exquisite narratives
resonating upon the beckoning fingers
of every page

The copious voices
of passionate and engrossing ink
mirrors poignant radiant words
which ignites each lyrical verse
afire. ~NJ~

Nadine Jessel – Copyright © – 2016 – All Rights Reserved

From My Heart ~ To Your Soul ®

A Path of Transition

In the meridian of transition

the dawning of a pristine path


The alluring journey

to her beloved destiny

Lies in the nucleus

of her Soul

Within the cathedrals

of her heart

like a tear drop

gracefully falling

She is cleansed and radiant

As her Spirit descends

into a domain

of freedom and peace. ~NJ~

Nadine Jessel – Copyright © – 2016 – All Rights Reserved
From My Heart ~ To Your Soul ®


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Literary Bio ~ NADINE JESSEL

Toronto, Ontario. CANADA

Writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence also providing validation and comfort to readers who may identify with some of the topics I write about. I have studied with a psychology mentor for many years and integrate psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness into many self-help/cognitive behavioural articles over the years. I write Poetry because I feel compelled to utilize that expressive journey as a vehicle of projecting my emotions emanating from within. It’s not a choice or a pastime, it’s an unyielding calling and my passion.  My soul has many stories to tell.  I use nature, music and celestial, mystical and romantic essences to augment and embellish my poetry.  I write poetry about human nature experiences that almost every reader will identify with based on their experiences which are either validated or inspired through my poems.

I write poetry about the essence of life, love, romance, broken hearts, and general enlightenment, mindfulness and self-awareness topics. Most of my enlightenment poems provide encouraging, illuminating stories are the collective wisdom of everyone who has ever lived. My  job as a storyteller/poet is not simply to entertain, but to instill comfort and clarity to readers that everyone shares their feelings–and that these feelings bind us. My quest as a poet is a healing art, through the inspiration of words and illuminating the paths of people with the understanding that we are all the same. I love to dare to express in prose above the surface of the world by allowing my thoughts embark into a realm of creativity that is not hampered by any other beliefs or views than that of my own.It is my desire to touch others as I have been touched…by truth, enlightenment and love.  The expanse of my writing is solely based on vast spectrums of inner experiences brought to life…..nurtured and cultivated from mere conscious animations from my heart.

I am honoured that some of my readers will capture the passionate fire from my words.  My words are the bones of my Soul. My expressive writing is projected from the lungs of my nucleus of my mind. True expression from the heart is like breathing! I have a degree in English Literature, authored a book called “Cruise Like a Pro ~ A Concise Guide to Vacation Cruising”; write many behavioral and emotional intelligence articles posted on appropriate Facebook groups; served as Administrator (On three Facebook Poetry Groups), reviewing, and preparing group notices of recognition of merited poets and their work.  I am solely responsible for maintaining and providing creative outlets to inspire poets to their limits on my main group: Heart and Soul Poetry Group.  I also served as Main Admin. who virtually turned around poetry groups into an growing and inspiring haven for poets.

I pride myself in motivating the members in my Facebook Poetry Group by creating activities, challenges and exercises that provide an array of different stimuli for new inspirations of writing and poetry.  I have been acknowledged and appreciated for providing many poets with support and encouragement to take their writing to a higher level of evolution. I have also had my emotional intelligence articles and poetry published in an online magazine: Poets Without Limits, Our Poetry Archive, Good Morning Internet, as well as having my poetry read on many episodes of a radio show Red Box, hosted by Rebecca Cherrington, in the U.K.

I consider myself well known and respected in the Facebook Poets’ community.  I have been interviewed from three different sources.

I have my own poetry page on Facebook: “From My Heart ~ To Your Soul”

I also teach Expressive Writing/Poetry classes at a retirement community in my city, on a regular volunteer basis.


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