She is my step mother by Akindeji Ola 

I met Aisha, a fair-complexioned girl of Fulani descent on my first day in the University of Ibadan. The earth literally stopped for me to feast my eyes on her inconsumable beauty. Stunned, my knees quivered like a leaf caressed by the wind. My jaw dropped and my mouth formed an ‘O’. My legs threatened to divorce my body, but I played ‘the man’ and managed to pull myself together like a string.

“My name is Toba,” I said as I walked up to her extending my hand for a shake with the hope of feeling the coziness of her palm.
“You don’t offer a lady a handshake,” she replied curtly.
She left, smiling mischievously, leaving me rooted to the spot with my hand hanging in the air. I slowly withdrew my hand and let it drop into my pocket while I watched her curvy hips swing from left to right like a pendulum. I was dazed by her haughtiness.

On the way to my room, images of Aisha turning and flashing me a smile kept flashing through my mind.
“She was flirting with me,” I shouted subconsciously.

Thankfully, nobody else was around. I walked back briskly to my room to plan on how to make her mine. She was just too beautiful for me to let her slip through my fingers like palm oil. I racked my brain for any idea, but none came. I didn’t get anything from her or let me say she didn’t let me get anything from her.

While swimming in the pool of my thoughts, my phone beeped. Instinctively, I took a furtive glance at the screen to behold Aisha’s picture accompanied by a text:

‘I am getting married to her next month. Honour me with your presence.
– Your young old man’




I am Akindeji Ola. I arrived late enough to be tagged ‘baby of the house’. I hail from Modakeke, Osun State, Nigeria. I am presently pursuing a degree in Communication & Language Arts at the University of Ibadan where I hope to hone my craft as a creative writer. I take delight in reading, writing and listening to good music.


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