A Killer Bite by Adeosun Tomiwa 


Photo Credit: datadivine.wordpress.com

A strong offensive odour hit Mr. Adeleke nostrils as he opened the front door of his house.

“Ah-ah, what kind of smell is this?” He asked himself aloud. Then he slowly traced the smell to the bathroom and as he opened the door, the strongest of the odour that had been locked away enveloped him, forcing him to shut his nostrils. With shaky hands, he lifted the lid of the water closet and discovered that it was full of faeces.

“Where could Segun have gone, to have left the toilet in such disgusting state?” Mr. Adele ke wondered as he left the bathroom to get some drinking water.

On getting to the kitchen, he was shocked to meet the pile of plates that had been there when he was leaving for work in the morning. “What!

Even the plates are unwashed. I will beat this boy to coma today,” Mr. Adeleke fumed as he proceeded to the backyard to cut off some branches of the guava tree, to be processed into buttocks-smacking tools.

About two hours later, Segun arrived home sweating like a pig. As he was about entering, he heard a commercial running on the TV. He knew then and there that his father was in the house.

“I’m in trouble, what of my faeces in the toilet!” Segun exclaimed. He then decided to sneak in through the back door.

The act seemed easy as he heard no movement from the parlour as he entered, and he was on his way to his bedroom when he heard the key turn in its lock. Segun spun round in surprise only to see his father holding guavas in his inviting hands. He bit the bait.


Adeosun Tomiwa hails from Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria. He expresses his creativity via writing and drawing. He is presently studying Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan where he hopes to fully optimize his potential.


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