Privacy not Privacy? by Binogun Winifred


Yesterday, Twitter nation went crazy over a disagreement between a particular lady and a Nigerian lifestyle blog. The blog posted a picture of the lady and her baby as ‘mother goals’ in a positive light but the lady obviously was not pleased. Her argument is the fact that she was not contacted before the image was put online and as such the blog  disrespected her personal right to privacy. 

Now this is where Twitter nation comes in. If you’re an active Twitter user then you know how people ‘jump’  into mentions like women are said to jump into conclusions (I’m not a misogynist). Nigerians took to Twitter and clapped back at her comments in which claimed that she was not African and as such should not be featured on an African blog. Also, many Nigerians claimed that if she did not want people to see her pictures then she should operate a private account. This brings me to the question of why? Why are we like this? And when did we become like this?

If we cannot understand the importance of respecting each other then we have lost a vital part of us that qualifies us as humans. While many Nigerians consider it a privilege to be featured on such a great platform, there are people who value their ‘small’ lives and do not like drama or too much exposure. It’s the 21st century and we need to be more conscious, be more human. Twitter nation needs to calm down and focus on more productive things. This is not to say that it should stop being funny, after all, what is life without laughter?

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