MALARIA by Tejuoso Olamide Mary

Mustn’t you quit, O’ mosquito?

A malignant chase I’ll give you this day,

for my skin you kissed with probing lips;

               you laid your hunger-stricken limbs on me

and profusely drank out of my red wine

to infuse ‘iba’ into my armless system-

this evil shall not go unpunished,

you and your likes, be damned!

My blood flows in its veins infected

all thanks to your sensational venom

my skin bloated from the scratches

you graciously but selfishly built on me-

for this great evil,  I detest forgiveness,

you and your likes, be damned!

The loathful liquid you skewered

spreads freely and rapidly like a waterfall;

my throat sore, head hurts all night;

my joints ache; my body trembles

yet I shall never submit to your will,

and if you think you have won this fight

in the pit of lies and deceit- defeat awaits.

You and your likes, be damned!


beware! I have conspired with your foe – herbs,

and the boxy net has agreed to be my guide-guard:

henceforth, trouble head mine no more,

you shall  work-up my heart beat neither.

Oh, rejoice o stomach, for the end to hunger comes

for I have conquered you, malaria…

You and your originator, be damned!

*Iba – Malaria

Tejuoso Olamide hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State. She loves reading, researching and writing. She is an aspiring journalist who believes in the philosophy of ‘writing to right’. She presently studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.



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