Before You Join Gang

All the good girls have join gang and all the bad boys have join gang! I’m sure you know that line right? Gang, gang, gang, what is this gang I’m talking about today? Look no further friends and family, I’m talking about Twitter gang! Okay, okay, okay, I don’t hate Twitter but as a matter of fact, I’m fascinated by it. This brings me to the point, don’t join a gang before you know what it entails. 

To be more precise, don’t join feminist gang before you understand what it is about. Young ladies, stand up! I’m talking to you all. Most of you children of these days just assume that feminism is a battle for every woman and that once you’re a feminist, you must constantly be at war with men. Sorry to burst your bubble sister but you’re just a Twitter feminist. Yes, that is what we call those who do not understand that feminism is about equality and not subordination of the male gender. One may reason that Twitter feminism is quite harmless but then, think twice. A movement that prevents you from seeing things objectively and even makes you refuse to perform normal tasks is crazy. These things start little by little.  From refusal to wash plates it shifts to refusal to bathe the baby and one day will advance to refusal to even wear skirts (just saying). 

I’m not saying it’s bad to join gang, please join all the gangs you want but be sure they really represent you. Don’t go on social media to act all ‘Titanium’ when you’re really plastic. Don’t get it wrong, plastic can be beautiful but it just can’t stand the heat. As for me, I have joined afro hair gang.  What about you, what gang are you joining soon? 


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