Blank by Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom


A blank page with a questioning look sits

atop my restless lap, athirst of the blood

which once flowed through the pathway

of a concave formed by the melting

of the softness of my thumb

into adjoining fingers…


Each word, like a babe, stands to fall,

falls to stand, stands to fall, falls to stand,

creating cracks on the surface of a paper

about to be yanked, crushed and aimed

at the hollowness of an overfed bin…


Whilst minutes are absorbed into the grandness

of hours, the day wears its night gown, leaving me

to find the path to a home long abandoned in the forest

of memories submerged in the noisiness of silence…

13278201_1085981224795979_1159969007_nKolade Olanrewaju Freedom is the editor of PIN Quarterly Journal and Chief Operating Officer of Words Rhymes & Rhythm. He has authored two poetry collections, ‘The Light Bearer’ and ‘Punctured Silence’.


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