We cluster like tardy bats on wretched fig tree
In the chimney chill of this faculty’s nagging nights
Cold, yet cramming in frustrsting yawns and chunking with a heavy retina
A study of wavering scrolls, one we never really understand
Except the fury of the beautiful semester’s ritual
A worthless celebration of our lovely plague- the examination

Our brains run like an empty barrel on disparaged hunter’s belt
We whimper Till Day Break in satisfactory waste of valued pelt
A flock of wolfish sheep in helpless desert’s terrain
If our eye shut at will, we fail the ritual of pain without gain
For it is necessary to remain in self placed chain of pointless sleeplessness
To demonstrate loyalty to our worthless lovely plague -the examination

Celebrate the examination
Celebrate her with tact and ambition
Tomorrow you will be awake fully drained and with great damns
Your brain will be sterile like an engine gunning for the knock
Your body heavier than the stoic monk drained of every sense of will
Celebrate your coolish foolish readingish
Celebrate now! That tomorrow you may laugh and claim you understand.


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