The Rubber Stone From The Past by Makinde Damilola Peter 

Exams had ended, giving limitless bounds to myself and Tola in hanging out. We met as fresh students during the stressful Medical screening in the first semester of the session and we thrived well as acquaintances but unavoidably fell in love with each other on resuming into this second semester.

We ended the day at the University’s relaxation boulevard which comprised tall sheltering trees. It had been a long day out. The place which on most nights buzzed with lovers, cuddling and whispering in every corner, was unusually. sparse of people with the nearest persons to myself and Tola surely unable to hear if we spoke on top of our voices, while the moon was the only spectating but dumb witness present that night. Tola annihilated the silence and as if she saw through my puzzled thoughts, said ignorantly “It seems most students have gone home due to the fact that we are through with exams”. I answered affirmatively ‘oh, that’s true’ as I never thought it in that perspective. We got talking and she mentioned missing her mum. Humorously, I jibe at her saying ‘Ladies, they’ll always miss mum over dad’, propelling a crippled chuckle from her, to my seemingly amusing joke. She then added, ‘that’s even if I had a dad.’ Taken aback by her reply, I asked in curiosity what she meant with that statement and she broke down in soft tears. Amidst crying, she narrated how she was dumped as an infant by an unknown woman with a Catholic sister, denoting that even the missed woman wasn’t her biological mother.

I drew her closer, placing her head on my chest, stroking her hair in the bid to comfort her, as she cooed in tears. We had never come that close before, neither have we discussed in length about our families. I then let my hardly let out cat out of the bag, relating to her how I had been brought up solely to know my father without his wife, my mum. She lifted her head to look me in the eye as if to ask if I truly were speaking the truth, which I replied with a weak smile and a nod. She hugged me so tight that I felt my masculinity surrender to her feminity. Then suddenly, still hugging me tight, she brought her face to mine and sealed our lips. It was fantasy which I found difficult to believe its reality. She cut her lips off, looking timidly into my eyes, saying “Bayo, I love you so much… ” Before she could utter something more, I played the hero this time ramming my mouth into hers as she surrendered to my firm but affectionate grip. Our tongues graced the depths of our mouths as the kissing grew intense. I felt her fore succulence brush my chest through her blouse as she somehow glided her hands through my loose T-shirt caressing my bare chest and sending  a full salute friction down my loins. The friction made the python beneath me seem to possess a sabre, bulging to cut through my knicker bockers. My conscience made to restrain me, but my emotions allied with my flesh to defeat my solemn conscience. She loved it and I was  enjoying it as we journeyed through fervour. Soon, her adventurous hands found its way through to the python and it spat in loads…

**                                                       **                                                          **

The blaring horn of a truck revived me from my comma of thoughts. I was seated beside dad who was at the wheel while Tola sat quietly face down, next to her guardian, Miss Caroline. The Catholic Sister seemed to be in her mid-forties. We were all on our way to the hospital for the DNA tests results of Tola’s mysterious pregnancy.

We drove into Lebanon Hospital which was a New and fairly big one in Crowell Avenue. We were there a week ago to conduct the DNA tests but were asked to check back the next day for the results due to the resident doctor’s absence. But we had to fix another time as a result of my Dad’s busy schedule and for Sister Caroline’s convenience. As we strolled into the hospital, Sister Caroline motioned us to move on to see the doctor that she would meet up. With that, she  bade to ask for the ladies from one of the nurses who promptly showed her the way. Luckily, there was no one on ground to see the doctor so the nurse at the counter ushered us in to the doctor’s office with my heart beating in rhythmic style. We entered the doctor’s office which was beautifully furnished, and while we took our sits and eyely explored the place, a door which seemed to be an entrance to an inner chamber in the office opened and out came the doctor, who hurriedly sat apologising to us for taking our time. Just then dad exclaimed, ‘Tade! Is this really you?’

Almost immediately, the doctor lowered his spectacles in bemusement, also exclaiming “Rotimi!” They shook hands joyfully in heavy laughter, hugging over the table. They had been friends during college days and had since graduation lost contact. ” Haha, Tade, it has been decades, so you were the absent doctor ”  Dad said still smiling broadly. “Of course , or were you the ones who came for a DNA test last week?  Doctor Tade asked. “Yes o, Tade , this is my son and this girl is his friend who’s pregnant and he claimed they never did the thing” dad replied,  pointing to myself and Tola who seemed frozen and added “that’s why we were here for the test. Doctor Tade Immediately picked up his land phone and called a nurse to come with the files containing the results. With this, my heart skipped a beat and paced faster, while Tola remained as numb as she had been all the way to the hospital. As the doctor dropped the phone, he smiled and greeted us while we answered muttering a nervous greeting.

He then asked of Tola’s parents, just then, a knock on the door hindered the wobbling words from Tola’s mouth as a nurse walked in with a file in hand followed suit by Sister Caroline who made to take a sit next to dad. As the nurse dropped the file to take her leave, Sister Caroline made to exchange pleasantries with Doctor Tade, when she jolted backwards to our fright and shouted “Tade!, you son of Bitch” damning her status as a Catholic sister. The doctor was taken aback as he dropped the file jittering. “You know him? dad managed to ask lost in the whole drama. Tade was the man who had absconded her life after desecrating her past by engaging her as a tool for carnal gratification feigning love for her and had made her result into becoming a Catholic sister; she made known angrily, in tears.

The atmosphere was tensed, there was suddenly heat in the fully air-conditioned office.  Just then, the inner chamber door opened unanimously with the main entrance door with the lady from the inner chamber saying “Sweetheart, hope all is well? Dr. Tade,  beholding the woman at the main entrance turned to the woman at the inner chamber entrance and  shouted at her in anger “Didn’t I ask you to stay in there and not come out?  Just then the woman who simultaneously entered through the main entrance screamed on top of her voice, making for Doctor Tade, crying out “You bastard! So this’ what you do in your office eh”  as she grabbed his shirt. As dad made to separate them, Sister Caroline had her head on her laps wailing with Tola next to her trying to provide  comfort, while I stood watching clueless of ideas. Just as dad tried separating the two engaged in a one way combat. He exclaimed “Tonia! You wicked soul!  The combat instantly stopped with everyone’s eyes fixed on the newly known personality. “I summoned courage to push a thorn in the dominating vociferous silence asking dad “Do you know her too?  He answered fixing a bitter gaze on the now remorseful looking Tonia, “Of course, this woman here was my wife , your mother who. .. “” What! Sister Caroline stood up cleaning the tears off her eyes, looking astonished, “Madam Kike! She exclaimed further. Everything was getting interestingly entwined, dad referred to this woman as Tonia, now sister Caroline identified her as Kike.

Doctor Tade banged the table in obvious frustration shouting “But this woman is my wife! The spectating mistress of Doctor Tade, amazed, asked Sister Caroline “You know her too?  “Of course, she dropped this girl here with me as a baby years back and fled” Sister Caroline answered pointing to Tola. “Oh my God! Dad exclaimed, she is our daughter you absconded with, leaving Bayo with me? The woman in question nodded slowly in agreement, face down. My ears and eyes seemed deceitful, long obscured issues were here unfolding too fast. Here was my long anonymous mother and here was Tola being unveiled as…” Before I could complete that thought, dad reached for the file containing the DNA tests results…

  •         *            *            *            *           *        *       *           *          *

The sticky venom of the python between my thighs, had leaked through Tola as she touched herself with the hand it spat on while we were lost in the gloom of ecstasy that night.

I was a potential progenitor of a Forbidden Fruit.


Makinde Damilola Peter enjoys engaging his pen in different forms of writing and fantasises becoming a prolific footballer in the world to come, if any.


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  1. Peebee says:

    Awesome but I think it cliché. It is just like what anyone would see in a Nollywood movie. Meanwhile, it’s transition and concept is brilliant. Kudos to the writer.


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