Abamo |  by Faizat Asifat Oladunni


Dust, mint; sweat, they breath.

Relishing the respite the cold breeze served.

Bodies moving, loosened hair swaying, to the drums.

The trees dancing to the whistle of the wind while the sky sniggers.

The children laughing as the sky leaked, depicting its imminent labour.

Men and women tittering at jokes and riddles.

The aroma of ole overwhelming all.

The raconteurs enjoin the children to welcome

the Full moon’s presence.

Chattering; gossiping, envelope the atmosphere.


Suddenly, the sky robes itself in red,

With traces of green peering through.

Horses’ cacophonous whines puncturing the

inflated excitement.

“Ogun de,Ogun de”* was the frightful chant that

engulfed the choking air and at the repulsive music of

the guns, gboh,gboh** people drop dead.



“A wa gba esan” was the chorus of these invaders.***

Women frightened, breasts flapping,

Children scampering and crying,

lost in the dilemma of


Men feigned bravery in the face of


Wrappers discarded, bodies desecrated.

Skins ripped kindling the insatiable thirst

of the steaming earth.

Deeds of Instruments of Ogun.****

“Sugbon igba yi laro, ti arugbo sunkun oge”.#

Innocence faced the purge as the sky wailed red

matter, with sweet salt.
“Ko si ona mo” surrenders the living ones. ##

“Everyone has to pay” says Okunade the handsome warrior,

Smiling after sending innocent ones on exile to

Surviving heads lifted off their bodies,

Houses, trading beauty with fire for ashes, in compulsion.

The earth vague in lamentation, spewing fire

as thuds of footsteps marched out, evacuating In plunder.

Deserted, the land, of life and light.
The breeze oozed oxide,

Choking, strangling, murderous,

as the birds held a concert with chirps of

adversity and tragedy.

Okunade’s wife, the cause.


Abamo – Had we known

Okunade – A Yoruba name

*_war has come²

**_ gunshots

***_ We have come to revenge

****_ A Yoruba god.

#– It is too late

##– No way out

###— The Almighty God

Asifat Faizat Oladunni hails from Iwo town in Osun state. She takes delight in hanging out, singing, reading and also found love in writing. She’s currently in her first year studying Theatre Arts in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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