I WILL RETURN | by Makinde Damilola Peter

A call to order, marked by the compelling

hands of time, striking the center of my

heart with a heavy blow of regrets,

while memories stroll the littered

hollows of my bleeding emotions.

I’ve been plundered of Love courtesy Lust,

and like a owl, deprived of sleep.

I have toured hearts but lost the

the track leading back to one.

I feel burrowed inside of me.

Versification has lost its Power,

Looks have Betrayed me,

The Alpha gazes have lost Charm,

Intelligence has been rendered Impotent,

Ego has been defiled of her Carriage.

Triviality has stripped me Vulnerable,

Let Nemesis not mock me,

Let Conscience let me be,

Tell Time I will catch up,

Running level with it.

But like a bruised Cobra, I glide away in defeat,

hoping to shed this heavy skin of pain someday,

to return fresh like a neonate, complete.

Till the dawn of a new beginning,

I trudge this road of uncertainty,

But I Will Return.



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