Some Mothers can be compared to this Guinea Fowl | By Olasubomi Cole


The guinea fowl in the above picture – also called Awò by the Yoruba folks – is left to take care and cater for her four chicks which were initially eight. Why? Her husband was recently turned into a delicacy by their owners.

This plight of the guinea fowl is the plight of some of our women today. Their husbands might not necessarily be dead but can be classified as a ‘living dead’ because he has little or no concern for the well-being of his wife and children. Also, we have the husbands who are actually dead – they are no more. There are also the ones who have abandoned their families for reasons best know to them.

If these women who fall under these categories are asked why they are still holding on, staying strong and persevering, quite a number of them will say ‘it is because of my children’.

Let us take a look at the guinea fowl again. It is known that if a human being or an animal attempts to touch her chicks, she will attack and make sure her chicks are safe. That is simply what our mothers do; they protect us, care for us, encourage us, pray for us and sacrifice for us. This is most times irrespective of whether their husbands are present or absent.

I love and appreciate my mother. Do you love and appreciate yours?



Olashubomi Cole is a photographer and derives solace in writing too. She hails from Lagos State and currently studies for a degree in Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.


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