Lovers with Lovers | by Chinua Ezenwa Ohaeto


Before supper, they needed to be in their homes.

It was blissful for them that very evening in a hotel as they lay on the same bed. Distance and responsibilities had separated them for a long time now. It had been a year when they last saw each other. The day Reginald’s car broke down in the middle of an express road was when they met. Since that day they had shared a bond that was like the air you breathe, like the free happy birds that sang in the early mornings and like those feelings you had for that special person and nothing else matters.

Reginald smiled often and his lover felt much secured. They chatted, laughed and soon re-knew happiness. But somehow, they knew that this kind of happiness was an enemy; it weakened one, created doubts in one’s mind that something was to be lost now, soon or later.

Reginald shifted his lover’s leg and arm aside pulling the head gently upon his chest. They kissed. The past they had shared soon started trooping into their heads like pictures displayed in a phone’s gallery especially Lenovo.
“I have missed you so much,” his lover confessed and Reginald smiled. They caressed and felt each other skin to skin. And soon, they made love throughout the evening and slept off in each other’s arms.

Reginald awoke, turned and looked at his lover’s peaceful face. He stared at a distance and then crept out of the bed. He checked the time with his BVLGARI wristwatch and started to get dressed. He tapped his lover who soon woke and got dressed too.

They had wives and children waiting for them.


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