Obasanjo’s 3rd term agenda and the future of Nigeria | by Kolade Gbolagade

imageOne thing about history is that it is written and re-written. It is a teacher to students who want to see beyond now and the imperfections of the past in order to have a better road to the future.

The everyday political, economic and social activities in Nigeria is banked on history, hence, its importance. After the dark night of brutal military dictatorship comes the dawn of a new day – a new era. The death of one of the most venomous military leader on 8th of June, 1998 ushered in a temporary comforting morning.

Unknown to many, that comforting morning will not transform into the government of the people but the continuation of what began in 1966. Selfish ambition over national ambition. A former military ruler who organized the first controversial democratic election in 1979(Awo vs Shagari ) was called upon to continue.

Though the southwest men and women fought with their ballots to show their solidarity against the betrayal of the June 12 struggle, it wasn’t enough to re-write the wrongs already designed by dark forces of our dear nation. Aremu Obasanjo, a beneficiary of the military oligarchy and the annulment was installed by an alleged rigged system. The son of fire is whom we send to the fire. The divide and conquer system was used to continue their evil reign.

It was a case of using a Yoruba man loyal to us to replace the one they assassinated. Matthew, after tasting a winner takes all power in Abuja went for another four years. And in the middle of the second, he wanted the third. With claims that no one was prepared to succeed him. Those seriously interested were Atiku and IBB which Baba will never hand power to because of the fear of what they could do with Nigeria’s reserve and the ECA that was rising.

At this point, the evil in the selfish heart of man birthed “third term agenda”. An agenda that led to revenge on the entire populace. That’s what happen when you leave men with absolute power unchallenged or unquestioned with strong civil movements or youth league of a united purpose.

“No Third term-No Nigeria”

This phrase  was said to be heard in the corridors of power from one or many more people in the kitchen cabinet of Aremu Obasanjo. A very outlandish, crude, arrogant and selfish even.

Obasanjo, seeing the crop of men interested to take over from him, launched a covert mission through the legislature to amend the constitution to accommodate his selfish agenda and the second strategy through the wasteful national conference. Another insincerity in patriotism, purpose and leadership.

For in the end, it was fought to a standstill by other ambitious forces who rose up to become democratic fighters. These ambitious men got people like General Buhari and some other persuaded leaders of the country mostly in the legislature then involved to end the plot for another reign of the master in chief.

Even though Atiku took credit for it. Aremu did not stop there. He thought of what to do to keep the country in his pocket. What he did next is what we see today. He manipulated the future to make sure the oracle inside him is right that no one was prepared to take over from him.

He gave Nigeria a sick President and a snake-like Vice. Both ill-prepared, Nigeria was on the path of recession from that moment. Obasanjo rubbished every great potential in every Nigerian that had the capacity to even better his failed accomplishment as a leader.

The journey of Nigeria cannot be separated from the man at his hilltop. Today, for every political and economic challenges , Obasanjos hilltop is the rallying point. The product of his statecraft and the enthronement of the supremacy of his third term ambition. His selfish interest above national interest. At this point, I will refer to him as a failed Lee Kuan yew knowing that he admires the late leader of modern Singapore.

Who will now Free Nigeria from the clutches of “No Third term, No Nigeria!”?


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