How Do I Tell Her? | by Makinde Damilola Peter



How do I tell her,

that the sparks in her puppy eyes

have lost power to ember our love to flame,

how do I tell that beauty that I no longer feel the same,

and that it’s so unlike when we met down that lane…

How do I tell her,

that the sun no longer rises in her smile,

when I know she’s never wronged me,

when she’s but a little girl naïvely in love,

This path should never have graced my footprints…

How do I tell her fragile soul,

that those aesthetic words were mere veils,

masking weighty letters woven to fulfill ecstasy,

Will she not cry, when she learns they were just

lofty expressions with no intentions…

How do I tell her,

Our paths only crossed to part,

that the rumbling clouds never meant rain,

neither did the rising sun signal light,

but that my green land was her desert…

How do I tell her,

that I’m taking a long walk,

never to think her no more,

that I regret everything,

and that farewell still has to be the bidding…

How do I tell her,

that I was just a fervor seeking sojourner

in the gentle comfort of her bosom.

I hope she never walks into the blues

when I eventually tell her – goodbye…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tell her before this sun set,
    Let her pain set with this sun set
    Before her love grows higher with the sun rises
    Tell her how her beauty fades only in your heart,
    Tell her they never fade truly,
    Tell her the colours are still brilliant
    That only your eyes are like the gullet,
    It is never fed to the full….

    Tell her, her beauty still charm me…

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