Communicative style👗

Hello everyone, style conscious and unconscious people😊.
I am Mo’ and I’m here to make you look the part.

It is with great pains that I admit that not many people believe that appearance has anything to do with intellect.😢
I am, however, 100℅ of the school of thought that appearance supports intellect because the way you look is the very first message you pass across so as trite as it is, you will be addressed the way your dressing allows…

If you’re wondering why people tend to have a particular opinion about you before ever meeting you or why you attract certain types of people, your mirror would probably be a good place to start and then unto 😝 .
After your mirror visit, sit down and decide what kind of message you would like to send with your appearance then back track and see what kind of message you have actually been sending. Do your clothes say snubbish, undecided, confused, geek, or that you are careless? You could get friends or random strangers (if you’re bold enough) to tell you what comes to mind when they set eyes on you. You might not like their answers but that’s OK, you can change it.
Next, you must find out what you like. As strange as this is, there are a lot of people who do not know what they like to wear. They are either controlled by the wishes of society or religious sentiments. Breakaway from the cycle that has been your fashion history and find out what you like. Check out magazines, look books, blogs, Google is also an effective tool😉. Remember, you’re trying to say something so pick something you’re comfortable in, something that is an expression of who you are and what your message is. Something totally different if you didn’t like the comments you got before.
Please note that clothes also need to be body appropriate. Are you an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph? Are you up to 5ft or taller than 6ft? Do you have a long torso or a low waist? Everybody is unique and these questions would help you find perfect and body flattering fits.


Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive closet but it does mean feeling good and feeling good definitely means more confidence.
One major rule is to never get too comfortable with one look. Mix it up a little. Be daring when need be, take risks ( educated risks though), have fun and always be on the prow for new things. Only then can you find the right clothes to say what you’ve always wanted to say.
Not everyone can be fashion obsessed or stylish but you can take pride in your appearance.😉


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