Donald Trump skirts the taxing questions and declares: I’m working for you now

Donald Trump supporters were treated to lengthy expositions on the 1990s real estate market and tax planning strategies on Monday as the Republican candidate sought to quell mounting unease over his financial past.
In a rare departure from a tradition of largely ignoring criticism, Trump spent much of the day addressing revelations that threaten to puncture his image as a champion of the downtrodden American worker.

“The unfairness in the tax laws is
unbelievable,” he told an evening rally in Loveland, Colorado, following suggestions he could have escaped paying taxes for nearly two decades thanks to declaring $916m in losses.

“I am a big beneficiary, but you are
more important than my being a big beneficiary, so we are going to
straighten it out and make it fairer for everybody,” he added, seeking to persuade voters that past exploitation of the rules for personal gain would be put to one side if he became president.

“Fixing our broken tax code is one of the main reasons I’m running for president,” he told an earlier rally in Pueblo. “I’m working for you now,” he added, “I’m not working for Trump.”



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