Will Trump “Triumph” or Clinton “win”?

The outcome of November 2016 US presidential election will determine who assumes one of the most powerful offices in the world.

According to Wikipedia, the roles include being the commander-in-chief of the world’s most expensive military with the largest nuclear arsenal and leading the nation with the largest economy by real and nominal GDP.

Americans have just two options, a democratic Clinton or a Republican Trump. As the intellectual and unintellectual struggle continues – presidential debate, exposing of past misdeeds – the decision becomes more complicated. Trump or Clinton?

Taking the side of fairness, one will say that the Republican party should be voted into power since the Democrats have spent a considerable number of years in power. However, this will be a ‘hell no’ for some because they believe in the integrity of their party representatives and would base their choice on the stake of individuality as against collectivity.

Meanwhile, as the election month rolls in, let’s look at the implications if either party wins. If Trump (70 years) “triumphs”, he becomes the oldest president to take office. If Clinton (68 years) “wins”, she becomes the first female president of the United States.


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