Don’t Turn a Blind Eye | by Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

that malnourished child
who strums the guitar of hunger
on desolate streets of poverty
begs to feed on crumbs
falling off your golden table.
Don’t turn a blind eye!

that wildly merchandised child
who makes your head dangle in shame
for womanhood, humanity and posterity
can still be tamed and saved.
Don’t turn a blind eye!

that homeless child
who wanders in the valley of negligence
beseeches you for a home, no, a crib…
don’t push him away!

that abused child
is as defenseless as an orphaned chick.
Where are your wings, O Justice?
I rebuke your guilty silence!
Quit sitting on that towering fence
lest you fall into the rescuing hands
of injustice.

Kolade Olanrewaju FreedomKolade Olanrewaju Freedom is the editor of PIN Quarterly Journal and moderator of several poetry contests including the prestigious Nigerian Students Poetry Prize.


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