Adunni| By Makinde Damilola Peter 

Praise be to Adunni whose beauty and closet

is the lustre of a sheeny water closet

veiling the filth of the soakaway.

Adoration to Adunni’s lips,

which hawk the best of irrelevance

through the cracks of idle ears,

effortlessly gibbering for a donkey’s hours,

but finds it hard to withold spittle from dripping

within minutes of  the cleric’s exhortation

at the Village Square …


An ovation for Adunni,

an interloper in the home of every cooking neighbor,

accepting unextended invitation to join the table,

only to nauseate her hosts with smutty fingers

diving into the mound of Okele,

with her tongue lapping soup like a thirsty dog…

A bow to Adunni’s bosom,

Okunu the Palmwine tapper defines her Sweet,

Baba Kafaya the Carpenter says he must nail her again,

Okoro the Electrician says her moans thrill him to orgasm,

Otolo the fishmonger says her skin is the gloss of mackerel,

While Odeku the hunter says she’s a beast in bed…

Shall we not tell of Adunni’s deeds?

When she broke a tooth in a brawl with mama

Kofo, the farmer’s wife, who nabbed her husband

attending to Adunni’s juicy melons…

Shall we forget her ladened debts that

earned her unchristianed names from mama Obudu?

Yet her greedy mind would always patner

her lazy hands in the bid for a loan…

Tell Adunni nothing is its seeming form,

Tell her ‘parrotic’ mouth and

her gluttonous stomach,

Alongside her piggy nature,

not forgetting her doglike promiscuity;

that no matter how much honey is

mixed in a soil, bitter leaf will

never germinate sweetness…


Adunni- A Female Yoruba Name meaning ‘Sweet to Have’

Okele- A Yoruba term for Swallow meals like Eba, Amala, Pounded Yam etc..
Otolo- Male Yoruba name

Okunu – Male Yoruba name

Odeku-Male Yoruba name

Baba Kafaya- Kafaya’s father

Okoro- A male Igbo name


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