MI5 chief says there will be terrorist attacks in Britain

Andrew Parker,  the current chief of MI5, has said that “There will be terrorist attacks in this country (UK). The threat level is severe and that means likely.”

According to an interview conducted by theguardian, Andrew Parker also said that “International terrorism in its latest shape, based on twisted ideology, brings terror to our streets and most of the developed world, including North America, Australia and Turkey.”

“Currently, the flavour of it is Daesh, or Isil [Islamic State], and we still have the al-Qaida brand. This is something we have to understand: it’s here to stay. It
is an enduring threat and it’s at least a generational challenge for us to deal with.”

He says the number of terror plots
thwarted in the past three years stands at 12. “That sort of tempo of terrorist plot and attempts is concerning and it’s enduring.

Attacks in this country are
higher than I have experienced in the rest of my career – and I’ve been working at MI5 for 33 years. The reality is that because of the investment in services like mine, the UK has got good defences. My expectation is that we will find and stop most attempts at terrorism in this country.”



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