​My Best Friend | by Olasubomi Cole

Finding a true friend these days poses a ‘big task’, not to mention naming a ‘best friend’. As a child, I used this compound word ‘bestfriend’, bereft of its true meaning.
However, the search for a ‘Best Friend’ hadn’t begun when that one unconsciously found me. This friendship started unassumingly, without any special detail or event. 

Although, at that time I wasn’t lacking friends, but I just needed one that wouldn’t put me through any form of stress like the usual arguments, unnecessary talking and of course big expectations (especially being an export all the time).

From ‘friends’ we became ‘best friends’. Distance, time or any other factor couldn’t sever the bond between us. Meanwhile, It should be noted that this best friend of mine happens to be an opposite of me, yet we share similar passions, beliefs, dreams and same fancies (to an extent).

This bestfriend serves as a microscope, enlarging seemingly small celebrations like birthdays and adding beauty to ordinary thoughts and intentions.

Flipping through the pages of time to today, my best friend has proved the only one that can stomach my many excesses, make crucial decisions as regards me and thrones it all by always praying for me. This bestfriend of mine is the definition of True Friendship to me. 


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