François Hollande will not seek re-election as president of France

François Hollande , the least popular French president since the second world war, has announced he will not run for a second term in office.

With a satisfaction rating so low it
recently dropped to just 4% , the
Socialist president appeared shaken and emotional as he said in a live televised address from the Élysée palace that he would not attempt to run for a second
term, conscious of the “risks” to the French left if he did so.

“Today I am aware of the risks that
going down a route that would not
gather sufficient support would entail, so I have decided not to be a candidate in the presidential election,” a sombre- looking Hollande said.

He said his only concern was “the
superior interest of this country” and that he could not stand for “the break- up of the left”. He said his time in power had taught him “humility”.

He is the first French president
since the war not to attempt to run for re-election.



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