I HAVE SEEN | by Makinde Damilola Peter

I’ve seen men,

cradled in the cot of pain,

saddled with the cost of sins,

riding on the wings of memories,

with regrets milking tears from sagging eyelids…

I’ve seen men,

cloaked by the shame of pride,

taunted by the horror of illusions,

haunted by the reality of oblivion,

tamed by the wildness of subtlety…

I’ve seen dreams,

murdered at the birth of hope,

acquitted at the conviction of zeal,

laced with gory deeds,

riddled with the karma of hubris…

I’ve seen –

puffs of ridicule from the pipe of oppression,

choking patriotic minds to debility,

cracking optimism to pessimism,

plundering fear of Its elusive spark…

I’ve seen –

dexterity slain at the altar of mediocrity,

prestige slaughtered at the taste of carnality,

egos bruised by the blade of versification,

forever lost at the slumber of moments…


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