That Unfaithful Day | by Bamidele Seth

Consciousness returned to me after a long abduction by sleep, lazily ushering me from my bed’s warmth, as I wished I could be forever lost in its cosy embrace. “I hate this season”, I muttered under my breath, grabbing  my towel from the door frame and hurriedly taking my bath. I had a date with the library. 

I packed the books I planned on reading and set off to the University library. As I stepped into the grave silent building, I was obliged to perform the ritual of identifying myself as its user by tendering my library card. I took out my wallet, skipped through other cards in it,  brought out my neatly kept card and flashed it at the library attendant who waved me on to proceed into the dungeon of books and boring study. 

Two hours of study trudged by, kindling the decision to return back to my hall and perhaps the arms of my naked bed. As I sauntered out of the building, I heard the library attendant announcing through the PA system- the discovery of a wallet. I checked myself only to discover my wallet’s absence.  
The air-conditioned room suddenly chimneyed heat, brewing beads of sweat all over me as I sped back in to identify the anonymous wallet. The man relieved me of my worst fear as he handed over the wallet to me saying he just checked the ID card in it and saw my picture. I retreived it and happily walked away, tucking the wallet firmly into my pocket. 

Later in the day, I decided to visit the mall. I got to the junction and flagged down a taxi, only for the sight before me to ransack me of the next line of action. Ignoring the driver’s enquiry of my destination, I just entered the vehicle. I doubt if I had beheld beauty of her class in my short existence. 

Her fore mellows stood firm , complementing the slaying aura of aestheticism that surrounded her. Her dexterously trimmed eyes and her lush lips made my lips unconciously smack. I was suddenly thirsty, forgetting the fact that I  took two cups of water before leaving my room. As I took my seat beside her,  my heart had toured the world in split seconds as I tried to conceal the already revealed attraction.

  •                                  *                                    *

I adjusted my shirt as I attempted to start off a discussion with her. “Hi, I’m Dan”, I said.  “Oh, nice name, I’m Sandra, my friends call me Jewel, so you can to”, she replied. Holy Heavens!  She likes my name and already considers me a friend. I could feel the joy pregnant women experience when the baby kicks within them. “Nice meeting you”, I managed to utter as I was losing my voice and perhaps my mind. 

We talked about almost everything as if we have been friends for ages. I requested for her number which she didn’t hesitate to release. I looked out through the window to behold the sunshine adorning the skies, beaming brightly as if in acquiescence to our newly found friendship. 

Just then the driver shouted at me ‘Egbon won fe bole na’ meaning a passenger wanted to alight and I was in the way. I had been basking in the pool of fantasy. And alas it was the lady who filled my imaginations that was alighting. I hadn’t even said a word! 

She alighted the cab and before she could pay, I stepped in, telling her I’d pay her fare. Looking surprised, she answered in the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard  ‘Thank You’, garnishing it with a hexing smile and walked away, leaving me mystified. 

The thought of this mystery lady and my failure in undressing her of any details further than in my imaginations spanked me hard in the head. 

The driver’s voice again rescued me from the grasp of my thoughts, questioning me of my destination which I told him. 
Still brooding on my latest  failure, we arrived at my destination and I brought out my wallet to pay for the ride. 

The mood around me darkened, as the wallet’s emptiness that stared mockingly at me regurgitated the incident at the library earlier in the day.

I looked up with puppy eyes to stare into the fiery eyes of the driver. 
Double Doom!


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  1. Jane says:

    Nice one…. I’m proud of you


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