Poli-tricks in Africa | by Habib Akewusola


I will strangulate malaria

Within four weeks,

Every corrupt king must

Become a convict,

The general hospitals would

Be equipped with club kits,

Education will automatically

Become free.


Rhythm of the motionless

Spiting impossible deeds

With a mindset of

‘No regrets’


My destiny has become artificial,

Pretty ones are sick

Ugly took over as famous officials.


Convoy of infinite wagons

Exaggerated gown crowned with

A diamond bangle,

Hair coiled with shampoo,

Leather shoes, of the best cattle,

Scent transported from Arabian



You preach of a sparkling afternoon

Brighter than this candle,

Steady carbohydrate recently

Restructured my statue,

How do I believe you?

Consistent lies have destroyed

Your truth.


Fellow masses, I’m speaking to you

With my vote let all critically choose.



Habib AkewusolaHabib Omolade Akewusola is a graduate from University Of Ilorin, Nigeria. Called a social critic by colleagues, Habib’s poems have been published in major Nigerian dailies and scores of online literary platforms.


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