​The Funeral | by Makinde Damilola Peter                                     

It was a foggy morning in Ibama, brewing shivery effects for the sorrow drunk atmosphere surrounding the members of The Leaven Church. It was the funeral of their revered Pastor – Chris Oak, who died in his sleep a week ago. 

The hymn from the soulful voices of the choristers serenaded the air, but grieved mournful hearts as the coffin was simultaneously laid 6fts into the grave. In procession, the invited minister gave an exhortation, triggering sniffing noses, while pregnant eyes labored to restrain looming tears. At the death of his ministration, a minstrel raised his voice in a dirge, puncturing the tearfilled eyes of Mrs Oak as she let out a wail, damning comfort from church members and well wishers. She loved her husband so much.

In the sad congregation was another aggrieved heart, sharing as much grief as Mrs Oak’s. It was a church usher who also doubled as Pastor Chris’ personal assistant. Their relationship was crusted with love and ecstasy while he was alive, with every of Pastor Chris’ ministerial trips featuring them both. This means couple with some cooked ones discreetly offered them liberty to consequently explore the carnal pleasures of their bodies, with no one ever suspecting, as they were perfectly clad by the “Pastor-Church worker” cloak. It all seemed an illusion difficult to comprehend its reality. Pastor Chris was truly gone. The soul sauntered away from the funeral scene, pathetically torn apart.

A week later, there was another death in the church. It was a suicide. Wayne Vicker was found hanging from his ceiling fan. He was a church usher, pastor Chris’ personal assistant.


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