The Unripe Fruit | by Janet Olabisi

Hold on, lustful eater,

Why does your stomach rumble

At the sight of a fruit unprocessed?

Be patient,

Ethylene’s work not yet done.

Defying this will set you on edge

And send you to the loo.


Your forceful pull sends pain

Down my spine. Your idea of me

Is to devour. But hold on you eater,

Else you flutter.


Your avid desire to consume while

yet hard

Will only set your bowels on fire.

Your escapades of the closed, quick

And “straight way” will make you a



Hold on,

Till nature’s work be done,

Making my acidity and sourness


My mealy form to juiciness,

Tartness to sweetness,

That I blossom to fragrance…


Janet Olabisi hails from Oyo State. She currently studies Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan. She takes delight in reading and writing.


One Comment Add yours

  1. ademola says:

    Awesome…..more grace ahead of you the sky is your limit janet!


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