​When A Woman Loves | by Makinde Damilola Peter

When a woman Loves,

Principles melt in furnaces of Affection,

rendering rigidity at loss to timidity,

Scales of perfection blind

scrutiny to the flaws of imperfection…

When a woman Loves,

Solitude is riddled with soliloquies,

with fantasies gulfing reality to elusiveness,

Secrets barf overtly, drunk on ecstasy,

while every love song loftily paints imaginations…

When a woman Loves,

Deceitful apologies seamlessly

balm the face of every heart bruise,

Spites flow as jokes to shackle brawls,

Desire for attention masks majority of her

lover’s engagement as neglect…

When a woman Loves,

Night races in the warmth of his arms,

while the day creeps in his absence,

Dedication doles Sacrifice

from the chest of hope,

and confidence is salvaged

from glimpses of trust…

But Should she fall out of Love,

Should her nagging flame ever douse,

Should zeal ever lose its knack,

Should those bright eyes lack the sparks,

Not even Jupiter can bring her back…


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  1. Lucia Martinez says:

    What is the models name


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