Two Poems | by Crystal Snoddon

It was Whispered

it was whispered
by wind sweeping Arctic waters

white bears stood
to tumbling ice-pack roar
into the rising sea

grows in gale voice
of drowned atolls
their upswept ground

calling to their bloating mother
whose peaks weep
into her firs
into an ocean
of her tears

wind whispers past


agile limbs hover in want for

freshest fruit foraged by

unseen hands

deliberately rough

toil days upon days

culminate to

boil in hungry froth


we feast vigorously

biting into hot wanton flesh

gnash past sorrows sinew


save the pit, the core,

for more may not come tomorrow.



Crystal Snoddon is a Canadian writer whose primary career leaves little time for words. Her poetry and other fictions have been previously published in The Quarterday Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Poetry Breakfast, Rat’s Ass Review, among other magazines. Forthcoming poetry expected in February 2017 in The Light Ekphrastic.


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