YOU’RE YET TO BE CERTIFIED AS ‘MAD’ | by Akinlosose Ayomikun

Sometimes some people say our dressing is just an expression and that it doesn’t define who we really are. Some even quote that popular saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but when I watched ‘ Desperate Housewives’, I got an answer for that. Susan Mayer told her daughter, you will judge that book if it has holes on its cover.

I know everyone has the img-20170129-wa0006license to be creative, we all have the right to think outside the box and even throw away the box. However, this creativity can become destructive if allowed to cross the thin line between sanity and madness. I love looking good because appearance is key. Nonetheless, it’s so surprising to see young adults wear ‘rag-like’ clothes all in the name of being sassy and trendy.

You know, you wake up and check through your clothes and all you could step out with was something that clearly exposes those critical parts of your body, all in the name of being fashionable. I’m sorry to say this, but you’re yet to be certified as ‘mad’.

Surfing the internet, two pictures caught my attention and left me shocked because the strange things of the past are now the enthusiasms of the present.
The first was that of a young lady who was wearing an outfit that clearly exposed her cleavages and her bum all just to be chic.

Her male counterpart who clearly took his time to dress before leaving home but thought it would be ‘dapper’ to sag and show off his inner wears.

This makes me wonder if youths still remember the definition of clothing. A wide variety of fabrics used to cover the body for warmth, for fashion and to preserve modesty. Yes, clothes are for fashion but that fashion must still preserve your modesty.

Sanni Omobamidele, a fashion designer in Lagos once sIMG-20170129-WA0004.jpgaid “ its good to look good but when your looks has negative influence on other people around you, it becomes evil”. Its sad that decent clothes no longer appeal to our sense of fashion.

Costumes used for theatrical acts and by artists during stage performances are now worn as everyday wears. You don’t need to match up your sexiness with transparent clothes, low waist or hot bosoms. Its certainly irrelevant to show us that critical part of your body for us to appreciate your sense of fashion. That is why products like our mobile phones, personal effects and other products we see in the store have packages, these packages are not just to protect the product but also to enhance its essence. Be fashionable but don’t lose your essence.IMG-20170129-WA0005.jpg

I have come to the conclusion that you can be fashionable, yet, modest. You can be decent, yet, be the cynosure of attraction and attention. I have even realized that fashion is bringing out the beauty in simplicity. Don’t lose it due to fashion. Don’t go haywire, COVER UP.


downloadAkinlosose Ayomikun, an essayist and a public speaker. She’s currently studying communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan. She’s a lover of books and good music and also strongly believes that one sound idea is all that one needs to achieve success.


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