Here I Lie | by Makinde Damilola Peter 

The day cinches, dressing in a robe

of chronicles, scribing its feats on the

slabs of history…

Dying smeared by the deeds of men,

stomaching the pains of horror,

starved in the name of recession,

shamed by the nudity of decency

numbed by anaesthetics of terror

preyed with the snare of travails

caged in catacombs of depression

watching dreams hang at the gallows of failure,

with zeal evaporating in ambience of apathy…


it landmarks the breakthrough of persistence,

stages the ovation of success,

hoists the achievements of progress,

sheds hope on shores of belief,

passes the baton of life scaling hurdles of death,

sauntering the streets of dearth,

preaching the coming of opulence

raining showers of possibilities

wetting deserts of regrets…

This is the song of today,

crafted in moanful lyrics

riddled by bugs of adversity,

voiced by souls with sorrows in diversity,

consoled by rays of expectations,

lightened with gay propositions…

Basking in rumination of the day’s plot,

Here I lie cuddled up in the embrace of contentment,

as the night further crawls

behind the curtains of uncertainty…

Makinde Damilola Peter is a Singer, Poet and Essayist. He fantasizes being the best footballer in the world, but is however bad at the sport. He also has flair for hair dressing to his loving mother’s dismay due to his gender.


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