Two Poems | by Mare Leonard

O Say Why Can’t We See

Take the velvet gloves off

Democrats, inside our land,

claim this Banana Republic,

shout in cafe’s lattes, Bullshit

synonyms too, dating to

Medieval times: scamming,

bully, trumpery, claim your

right to march in streets,

to send Instagrams of banners:

“Free us from tweets

demagoguery and lies.”


The Plan: Rely on Tales of Old

We citizens need advice …Send an SOS
to fairy tale heroes, The Three Billy Goats Gruff:
The little goat insists,”Be patient,
the Troll will wait for the big juicy fight,
my third and largest brother, It’ll be like
swallowing all of Congress with uh one bite.”

The middle Billy Goat Gruff, says, “Distract him,
promise more meat, the best prime rib.” The largest
Billy Goat is smart, “Text Putin. he desires world power.”
Putin tweets back with a nasty threat. The battle begins
streaming live, nationwide.

We citizens watch and send Instagrams of Putin
wearing his costume of Chort, a Slavic monster,
menacing in his animal horns, hoofs and pig face,
Putin is not only smoke and mirrors but shouts out,
Я объявляю войну*

Our Troll, terrified, falls from his terrace
into the stream of life: Denied Obama Care
his health fails and he wanders Central Park
searching for a bench to sleep on at night
or better yet a bridge to trap the innocents.

But a magic potion to deflect trolls is sold
at newsstands so our guy panics, sends
letters to Princess Ivana, “I promise not to tweet!”
She agrees to take him back, but he’s powerless,
and we all will live in the America that is great again.

  • I declare war



4-12-2016-Anna Sivan, Mary Leonard-Calif.-No 2.JPG

Presently I am working for the MAT program at Bard College and am also working on a novel.  I think it was Adrienne Rich who said, “I write because my life depends on it.”


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