Photos: See 15 Romantic Pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama Before and During the Whitehouse

Love should always be on public display.


Barack is head-over-heels in love with Michelle and he doesn’t care who sees the romantic soft side she brings out in him. This moment was captured on January 20th, 2009 in a freight elevator at an inaugural ball in Washington D.C.

Unity is strength.


We’ve heard the saying, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Well, this quote is wrong and the Obamas have 8 great years to disprove it. She’s never behind him. They are equal. She’s beside him as he is beside her. In this photo, the power couple holds hands during The 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and The Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights Marches on March 7th, 2015.
Live life with enthusiasm.


On March 28th, 2016 at The White House Easter Egg Roll, the President, and the First Lady present their best monster imitations during the reading of the classic children storybook “Where the Wild Things Are.” They remind us that our imagination and enthusiasm for life is what keeps us young and thriving at any age.
Have a down-to-earth attitude.


They may have been the President and First Lady of our country but first, they are human beings, just like any of us. They can go from riding a fancy limousine to throwing up the peace sign as they get comfy in the back of an old average golf cart. They can relate to all social classes and race which translates to compassion, a quality all great leaders must have. Hopefully, our new president can learn a thing or two from the Obamas.
Classy is the way to go.


Leave it up to the Obamas to capture the essence of classy at The Governors Ball in 2009. Their poise and wisdom as a couple never fail to light up a room.

Always make time for your loved ones.


Back in May 2012, Michelle told The View, “We have a ritual where he tucks me in, because I’m usually in bed before anybody… He’ll come and turn the lights out and give me a kiss, and we’ll talk. He’s like, ‘Ready to be tucked?’ I’m like ‘Yes I am.’ That has always been a tradition. It is just one of the many ways that Barack shows me and the girls how special we are, and that’s the thing that touches me about him. I don’t care what’s on his plate, I don’t care what he’s struggling with, when he steps off that elevator into our residence, he is Barack, and Dad. There’s just those little things that you do that reminds ya, ‘I still got ya.’”

“We’ve been married now 20 years, and like every marriage you have your ups and you have your downs, but if you work through the tough times the respect and love you feel deepens,” Obama shared on Barbara Walter.


America hasn’t witnessed a love like this in the White House since it was built. Their foundation of love and trust goes way back. This snapshot of the newly engaged couple was taken in Kenya in 1992.

Live for something greater than yourself.


Fight for the greater good. This is a message and lifestyle the Obamas want to spread and uphold. This photo was taken in 2015 when they opened the first ever White House Campout.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


They have each other’s backs through the happy and difficult moments life decides to deal them with. They are first and foremost a team rooted in love, compassion, trust and patience. This picture of the power couples’ embrace was captured at a campaign event in Dubuque, Iowa in 2012.

You can’t always be too serious.


Lighten up, crack some smiles and goof around. If the President of the United States can, you can too! Despite the stress and pressure during the Presidential election in 2008, Barack and Michelle share a fist bump at an election night rally at The Xcel Energy Center on June 3rd.

They set the standards for how a loving and happy relationship should be.


The Obamas did not fall in love with one another’s fame or wealth. They fell in love with each others’ character. They fell in love because they better each other, even after 20+ years of marriage. “…He was charming, talented, and oh-so smart, truly. But that is not why I married him. What truly made me fall in love with Barack Obama was his character. You hear me? It was his character. It was his decency, his honesty, his compassion and conviction,” explained Michelle during her speech at Morgan State University in Maryland.

Find time to dance and celebrate the good things in life.


Life is better when you’re dancing anyways. The Obamas are always breaking out the moves. In this photo, President Obama adoringly watches Michelle dance with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin as they celebrate African American History.

Keep on dancing!


Here they are again… dancing! They may have the most suasuavece moves out of all of America’s presidents and first ladies.

Love is more than big grand gestures.


In fact, it’s not about that at all. Love is what you do for each other day in and day out. You are there for one another through the small, big and everything in-between. This photo shows Michelle wiping something from Barack’s forehead during a dinner at The Schloss Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin Germany on June 19, 2013.

Teach our kids to love, not hate.


Reported by The San Diego Tribune, President Obama asked parents to teach their kids to love, not hate. “We need our kids to hear from us why tolerance and equality matter, about the times their absence has scarred our history and how greater understanding will better the future they will inherit… But as parents, we should remember there’s one responsibility that’s always in our power to fulfill: our obligation to give our children unconditional love and support, to show them the difference between right and wrong, to teach them to love, not to hate, and to appreciate our differences not as something to fear, but as a great gift to cherish,” explained Obama. We have no doubt that the two teenage daughters of Barack and Michelle will grow up to become extraordinary human beings who will greatly contribute to the growth of humanity.

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