We have tolerance for aberrance

Our ways are now commonplace

The time and distance

Between us and looming problems

are our only resistance

We never made plans

So we blame all our problems on


We relax

Because we just want average to


But it’s too late when we realize

Our attitude has changed the tide

We were never ready to sacrifice

And pay the price

They say the world belongs to


But we slept so long, we never

woke up to be doers

We realise passion

Can’t go as far as action

We ask ourselves, should we wait

for a change,

Or should we take it as fate?

But then, it has become too late,

Because we shifted dates

We said, ‘we will’

But ‘we never did’

It didn’t matter if we ‘knew how


What mattered was ‘if we were able


As a man of God would say,

Almost there is as good as far away

In the end,

We regret

We never cared.





Animashaun Daniel is a 300 Level student of the Department of Medicine and Surgery. He schools in the University of Ibadan. His interests are reading, creative writing, making new discoveries and sports.

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