Four Poems | by Robert Beveridge

Partly Cloudy

I feel the moon
through the skylight

and what is truth
in me strains
to get out

in this room
I could fall in love
with every one of you
if you’d just quit

and listen
to a few words
from our sponsor,
the lycanthrope

the beast
is in every one of us
and it doesn’t
just come out
every full moon
it’s there
twenty-four hours
a day just look
at the number of rapes
in broad daylight

the number
of corporate takeovers
under the crescent sun

Waning Crescent

flat of the blade
moves across tall grass
leaves a sticky trail

when it shines again
he sheaths it
moves away

into miles
of the same

the body
will not be discovered
for three weeks

The Secret Senses

In the light, we hide
beneath husks, cast-off
shells of insects, shed skin
of pythons. Only at night,
and together, do we emerge
expose ourselves to light
and those which would assail us,
the fragrances, the tastes.

It is touch above all
that drives us, the slickness
of your skin beneath my fingers
your chapped lips on mine
given the gift of moisture.

The taste of you, salt
and musk and the blood
drawn from the force
of your jaw, pressed
against me, teeth sunk
through your lip.

In the open, I can hear
you, the shift
of your curves against rocks,
your whimpers
echoed in my throat.

The essence of you, encased
in the smells of sweat,
soap, something deeper:
dark and sweet
almost a mist around you
flares my nose
quickens my blood

And after all this the sight
of you on hands and knees
head reared back to kiss me, hair
tumbled around your shoulders.
Body slick with moisture
beads of sweat, of rain caress
the curves of back and buttock.

It is in these
that I want you,
and as we move
in daylight, under husks
and curious eyes,
I remember how you fire
my senses.


the wind blows
cries your name
through these shorn fields

the horse-drawn cart
to the family plot

it is against you

let the wind cry your name
it is against you







Robert Beveridge makes noise ( and writes poetry just outside Cleveland, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in CircleShow, The Literateur, and Vanilla Sex, among others.


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