A LAND OF TREACHERY AND BLOOD | by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

In the land of Ogbuneke far hidden in the belly of the Dankeyes valley, politics defined the best of any man in the land. Though, to become a successful politician in the land of Ogbuneke, one has to be full of wits laden with bags of guile and deceit as is the normal practice.


There is a legend about a man called Odiegwu Francis who once lived in this land of Ogbuneke, many spoke about this man as a myth but others held his greatness as true as his existence in the great kingdom of Ogbuneke redefined the modern day politics in the land.


It is a general belief that for one to ascend to the highest office in the land of Ogbuneke, one must kill a few men and step on so many toes in order to exude fear into the camp of the opposition. This was a general practice as noble men avoided politics and opted for fishing and farming where polity of rancor does not surface or rear her ugly head.

‘I’ll give up everything to become the Ogbunenu, the ruler of the land of Ogbuneke, Atagbo said with great audacity laden with impetuosity.’

‘Politics is to be played with love, not hatred, and anger. It is to be approached with an open mind and not the intent to win at all cost. If service and not rulership is the main agenda or driving force, the end result is pain and agony,’ Perekunle added. 

Wekeleti cuts in to oppose Perekunle,‘Like the game of chess, politics is a game of warfare where the master strategist wins the day. Whatever arsenal you’ve got in your armory you’ve got throw at the other party until victory is achieved.’

‘Politics is not for the weak and self-righteous individuals nor is it a place where we come to laugh as if we’re being entertained in a circus show. Politics is a serious business for serious minded people.’ Wekeleti added.

‘Wise people of Ogbuneke, in as much as the opinion, must be respected, the dignity of the human life should be upheld far above anything. Any man who takes another man’s life in order to secure a public position of authority is not fit to be a ruler of a great majority, but like an effigy without a word of his own,’ Odiegwu said with great conviction.

I believe I can make the difference in the political arena of Ogbuneke kingdom by preaching the politics of goodwill,’ Odiegwu asserted as he spoke vehemently with compassion on those that had lost their lives in a bid to serve their community in various political offices in the land of Ogbuneke.

And so it was told of the legend of the man Odiegwu who survived over twenty-three assassination attempt on his life. He later became theOgbunenu of Ogbuneke kingdom. He further abolished slavery in the land and community policing was further strengthened. The crime was treated as a crime and not politicized. Sanity and justice can now stand tall with heads sticking out to speak in every gathering in the land of Ogbuneke.

Odiegwu ruled his people for twenty years and peace became a friend of Ogbuneke until one fateful morning when the peace that had long been enjoyed in the land of Ogbuneke was disrupted. Odiegwu was brutally murdered. He was shot twenty-three times at close range by a young chap known as Obumere who would suffer for his sins.

Though dead, Odiegwu’s legacies would live in the memories of the people of Ogbuneke as the man who fought evil to a standstill, gave the natives of Ogbuneke a level playing ground, entrenched peace and died fighting for it.

So goes the legend of Odiegwu as he turned the land of Ogbuneke formerly known by neigbouring clans as a land of treachery and blood to a land of peace and justice.


Let your life affect people positively so that long after you’re gone those yet unborn will hear your story and talk about your history. Live for something and not for nothing and you will raise a generation of followers long after you are gone. 






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Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche is an enigmatic poet, a master story teller, and a novelist who loves adventure, culture, and upholds God. His poem, the gods are Angry was listed in the anthology, Footmarks: Poems on One Hundred Years of Nigeria’s Nationhood. He has written a full-length novel, The Oracle of Isieke and he is currently working on a collection of short stories and poems.  He became greatly interested in public speaking and writing early in life. His poems have been published in Words, Rhythm and Rhymes Online platform http://poetry.wrr.ng/ and other online platforms. Catch a glimpse of his writings on his blog https://maxxzymusdapoetblog.wordpress.com


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