HE CALLS AGAIN | by Nwaga Nnamdi Philip

In want of wit or whim of light;
In comradery or dread of blight?
How, uncurbed by twilight’s eerie frown
Plume and all,
he’d call

Rise, let us in loud anthems
shoo this ghostliness to a morning sleep!”

Twas neither “piece of crumbs” to lie,
Witless penance to angered palates
Nor for mortal honour
That the fair-feathered danced her last
In frenzied baths of boiling rage
And soon, she’d grace the altar of misdirected thanks
Sweet savour to grisly snarls

Here, by my window
nestled on twigs of choiceless forgiving
he calls again

” cock-a-doodle-doo!
Let us, bade brothers by this shield of death
We, who crouch lingering
in needless subservience of a promised light
On boughs and lairs of needless darkening
In nests and warm fireplaces
And castles bade spectral at the insistence of night
Tomorrow is neither a promise
nor a good turn, deserving
It is a spoil of dangerous strife;
The gain of conscious taking!”

And then by gaits of sworn devotion,
Untamed by the cold complacence of a bleary all;
she’d flutter and clatter through crippling growls in the ghostly gloom
In want of breath and another earnest stump
Rattled, but poised to call again.

IMG_20170316_152915_488 (1)

Nwaga Nnamdi Philip is a writer,  thinker, an ardent environmentalist and a poet.

With an uncanny ability to infuse life into words and a gift for evoking strong emotional response through high powered meshes of lines, language and word rhythm , Pheel as he is fondly called has made a successful transition from the Elizabethan verses to  contemporary African poetry.

Among his glowing works are: ” Though Hell Should Bar the Way”, “Foxes in My Vineyard”, “The Tempter’s Woe”, “Should the Curtains Fall Tonight”, “Giggles Behind Golden Curtains”, “He Cries Again”, I hope this is simple enough and so many more.

He is happily married to a beautiful singer and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


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