Elton John practically sent Ed Sheeran away from limelight because “he was sick of him”

Elton John and Ed sheeran

It is time to find out why Ed Sheeran took that year long break which felt like ages, from us and social media. Music legend, Elton John who has Ed Sheeran signed under his Rocket Music artist management company, apparently gave Sheeran a not so nice advice that was heeded to.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, John said, “He was so omnipresent and I said, ‘Ed, even I’m sick of you. Go away.’ And he did. He just went away to the far east with his girlfriend and had a great time.”

Yes, agreed. John that was some bad advice (Speaking on behalf of sheerios). But let’s not forget the same advice did some good. A whole lot of good infact. The break seemingly gave Ed the needed fresh air to create his latest record breaking album titled Divide. The Divide album which Sheeran has hit the limelight with, has been busy topping charts all over the world.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran at the 2013 Grammys

Not only did Elton John advice Ed Sheeran to stay away from the lime light for a while, he also adviced him to watch his weight. “One thing I said to him when he went, I said, ‘Don’t put on weight,’ because he is very prone to put on weight like I am.

“And he came back heavy, but lost it all for the album. He just went away and had a great time,” John said. “And it was the most brilliant thing he could have done, because it refreshes your soul.”

Now we do know for a fact that Elton John has only the best interest at heart for Ed. “This is why I wanted to start a management company, to say to these kids, ‘I’ve been here. You need to do this. I can help you because I am who I am’, and he’s been forever grateful.” John said to Rolling stone. “You know, I love him to death.”

Awwnnnnn. We love you too, Ed.


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