I heard giggles
Behind shrouded climes of tireless daylight
Where cherubs made their saintly rounds
Wary sniggers behind walls of jasper
Seraphs layered, furtive against luscious Eschol vines
With tones so low as not to stir
To tell hushed tales of love and folly
The folly of the Divine in terrestrial romance!

I heard deep rumbles when saintly elders sat
Guttural soundings from quaking craws
Deep rolling grunts mugged blissful hymns
In endless wait of who, the “roaring” cat must bell
Unending franchise of woe bristling goblet
From saintly hands to saintly hands, unhampered
Till love found no place for filthy Adam.

I heard loud throbbings
Where stars held their courts in splendour of light
The moment frozen and aloft went a sinless hand
I heard grave sighing, a hallowed face averted
The pickle of a father; love of one or the love for all?
And not the wit of a golden street would make null
This “thoughtlessness” of heaven.

I heard grave murmurs when an infant bed was laid
Mindless bunk of hay for His sinless infant head?
How a one cornered another with excited wings
In earnest sport of the “cosmic fool”
I heard lurid sniggers behind fiery curtains
And lonesome drops of His blood tanned drool
A lone brood strung up for a godless all!

Nwaga Nnamdi Philip is a writer,  thinker, an ardent environmentalist and a poet.

With an uncanny ability to infuse life into words and a gift for evoking strong emotional response through high powered meshes of lines, language and word rhythm , “Pheel” as he is fondly called has made a successful transition from the Elizabethan verses to  contemporary African poetry.

Among his glowing works are: ” Though Hell Should Bar the Way”, “Foxes in My Vineyard”, “The Tempter’s Woe”, “Should the Curtains Fall Tonight”, “Giggles Behind Golden Curtains”, “He Cries Again”, I hope this is simple enough and so many more.

He is happily married to a beautiful singer and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


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