Efe emerges as winner of Big Brother Naija reality show 2017

Efe, BBN 2017 winner

Efe, who was among the top five finalists of the reality show which includes; Bisola, Marvis, Tboss and Debie-rise, has emerged as the winner of this year’s big brother naija reality show.

Naija and social media was lit last night after Ebuka, the show’s host declared Efe as the winner. Efe’s fans couldn’t contain their excitement and sheer joy as he was pronounced winner. Efe, himself, wanted to keep his promise of day 1 to go crazy by undressing in front of live TV if he was announced winner. Ebuka managed to help an over excited and dazed Efe to remain calm as he was presented with his #25 million cheque.

The voting results unveiled by the show’s official sponsor, Payporte, show that Efe, of course, led with the highest votes of 51.61%, Bisola followed with 18.54%,  Tboss with 13.60%, then Debbie-rise with 8.78% and Marvis with the least votes of 1.47%

It is obvious that Efe’s victory was hands down, smoldering hot. The show recorded 26 million votes. Now BBN made a lot of money from Nigerians and other fans. Didn’t they?

Anyway, Congratulations to Efe.


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