SERIES: Save My Soul(Episode 2) | by Yetunde Oyelude 

“I will never accept this! No, not from some little proud girl! Who on earth does she think she is! Huh?!” Dimeji was pacing back and forth, ranting and raving in front of his friends. He was panting so hard, finding it difficult to regulate his breaths. “I’m gonna deal with that crazy girl!”

           It was time for the second break of the day and they were back at their usual spot – the uncompleted building behind their school. Kamil folded his arms, sarcastically staring at his angry friend. He turned to face the quiet Sodiq who was also a spectator of Dimeji’s theatrics. “Do you have a cigarette there?” Kamil asked.
               Sodiq nodded affirmatively, bringing out a packet from his trouser pocket and handed it over to him. “Thanks,” Kamil muttered as he received the pack from him. In the blink of an eye, he lit a stick with his standby lighter and took a deep drag with his eyes closed. He only let out the cloudy puff of smoke when he was satisfied.
“Look here D – boy, there’s no need to get all worked up. She’s just a new girl who don’t know nothing. She doesn’t know you yet. With time, she will.” Kamil said, though deep down, he knew that the girl in question did not seem like someone to fall at anyone’s feet. He just had to say something to shut his friend’s rambling mouth up.
“That one is rude. Just leave her alone. Don’t waste your time on her.” Sodiq added, buttressing Kamil’s statement.
               Dimeji’s squeezed his face, enraged at their dispositions towards his intentions. “Is that so? Then try me guys!” He threatened like a hardened criminal who had just been let loose from gaol. “Try me! I’m going to deal mercilessly with that wench! And you know what guys, by the time I’m done, she’s gonna run for her dear life anytime she sights me!” Dimeji stomped to Kamil and hijacked his cigarette, recklessly taking a deep drag that had him coughing and trembling.
          Sodiq looked at his friend indifferently as he rigorously let out puffs of smokes and Kamil, on the other hand, had never been more curious as to the way Dimeji planned on ‘dealing’ with the seemingly unrepentant new girl.

        *                       *                          *


Abeebat was startled. She looked left and right. Where had she come from? She was a fat, bubbly girl, with huge busts. “Hi,” Abeebat replied, suspiciously looking at the girl who had suddenly popped up in front of her.

“Wow! You are incred…!,” She abruptly paused, covering her mouth as she surveyed the classroom for prying eyes and ears. But then, she noticed that almost everyone had gone out for the break and the remaining ones in class didn’t even seem to notice her. “Wow. You handled Dimeji like a pro. You’re amazing!” she said in loud whispers.
             Abeebat frowned. What is so special about this one guy that all of them won’t shut up about? Is he some kind of god? She thought and hissed inwardly. “What I did wasn’t a big deal. I just answered the question he asked me.” Abeebat shrugged.
               Bimbo bulged out her huge eyes and subconsciously grabbed the chair beside Abeebat to seat. “What you did wasn’t a big deal?! No one dares talk back at Dimeji. He is a brutal soul!”
               Abeebat remained aplomb. “Really?”

“Yes! But you, you handled him like he was nothing! I hail you, girl.” She excitedly brought out her hands in exchange for a shake. “I’m Bimbo and you are Abeebat right?” Bimbo was smiling widely.
              Abeebat shook hands with the strange girl and nodded. “Hmm. I’m Abeebat.”

“Please, I’ll absolutely, absolutely love to be your friend. Please can we be friends? Don’t say no, please?” Bimbo pleaded with puppy eyes.

               Abeebat still stared at the outlandish girl in front of her without even realizing that she was already nodding in reception of her proposition.
“Yes?! yes!!!” A hysterical Bimbo exclaimed with mirth, grabbing Abeebat for a bear hug. Abeebat was startled. What…what kind of girl was she? She thought as she struggled to breath in her tight arms. The school bell rang now and Abeebat heaved a sigh of relief, muttering ‘thank God’. Bimbo had finally let go of her and she was smiling smugly. She had achieved her aim.
              Most students had returned to the classroom when the entry of  Dimeji, Kamil, and Sodiq attracted everyone’s attention, as they lackadaisically strolled into the class. Kamil made flirty eye contacts with Abeebat, making Bimbo disappeared to her seat at once while Abeebat shifted her glance. As Dimeji walked to his seat with clenched fists, he gave a threatening look at the girl who had stepped on his tail, his mouth twisted scornfully and his stoned face looked like he craved for world war 3. I’ll give her the treat that makes the rat dread the cat, he silently vowed.
            Almost simultaneously, Abeebat’s glance met his burning gaze, triggering a lightening diversion by Abeebat. Her heart just skipped a beat and she couldn’t deny the cold chills that simmered through her spines from the laser stares that Dimeji gave her. But still, she remained unruffled. He had been the one to hit on her first. It wasn’t her fault. For all she cared, he could hug a transformer to ease his anger. He can’t do her nothing. Her cheekbones were high as ever now and the defiance in her eyes couldn’t be disputed.
                Kamil rocked his chair to gain her attention, giving her a shot of his seductive smiles. He knew she had been staring at a rageful Dimeji. Abeebat twisted her face at Kamil. They must be friends, she thought, seeing that they had walked in together. So they were planning on dealing with her huh? She chuckled inwardly. They were mistaken if they thought they could handle her. They were totally mistaken. She, herself, was “miss don’t play with fire”. 

Is Abeebat truly fire?
What’s Dimeji’s Plan? 
Who would come out on top?
What does Kamil’s suggestive gestures towards Abeebat mean? 
Join us next week Friday for the next episode of save my soul. 
Thanks For reading. 



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