Movie Review: Okafor’s Law isn’t Different from the Norm | by Ayinoluwa Kolawole

Despite the hype and a sensational court drama, Omoni Oboli’s Okafor’s Law isn’t all that awe-inspiring. One would expect that after the long wait, we would be treated to something phenomenal. Contradictorily, the movie doesn’t match the standard Omoni Oboli has set with her previous works. Due to the copyright infringement accusation levelled against the producer of the movie, Omoni Oboli by Canadian-based writer, Jude Idada, the movie became a subject of prolonged controversies. It eventually debuted in cinemas on March 31, 2017 vacating an interim order that earlier restrained the film to be premiered on Friday March 24, 2017.

The plot of the story is trite, a concept a lot of people are conversant with it – guys placing bets on ladies. Its alignment with Okafor’s Law is however something we should give Omoni credit for, even though the origin of the law itself is unknown.

Okafor’s Law tells the story of Chuks (also known as Terminator) as a fervent pursuer of ladies. He erroneously subscribes to the Okafor’s Law which states that once a man has slept with a woman, he can sleep with her over and over again, whether she’s single or with another man. He hedges a bet with his friends, Chuks the Baptist (Gabriel Afolayan) and Chuks the Fox (Ken Erics), which requires him to successfully seduce and bed three lovers from his past to prove the authenticity and validity of this law. He is given a time limit of 21 days to do this or lose a percentage of his shares to them.

The chemistry or bond that is expected to be evident amongst friends who knew each other’s history wasn’t expressed at all. Their body language made it apparent they were forcing it. None of it came natural. Chuks the Baptist (Gabriel Afolayan) nonetheless tried to make it work but this resulted in him being garrulous and consequently made the entire charade boring.

Blossom Chukwujekwu, did his best to enliven his characterization. This was complemented by his good looks and masculine charm. On some occasions, he didn’t sound convincing due to half-baked seductive lines. He could have been more effective if he had a better script to act.

Omoni Oboli, being the writer of the script perfectly understood her role and portrayed the character of Ejiro adequately well. Toyin Aimakhu (Tomi), however, is a miscast for that particular role. Her articulation wasn’t entirely good which undermines her role as an advertising guru. She had a hard time synchronising spoken words with body language. She nevertheless performed better when she switched to Yoruba, and for many, this was the highlight of the movie.

The presence of some renowned actors like Richard Mofe-Damijo, Halima Abubakar, Yvonne Jegede accented the quality of the movie. A crew of less professionalism could have messed it up.

There were some irrelevant scenes that made the movie appear boring and shabbily scripted.  For instance, the scene where Toyin Aimakhu took Blossom to a busy road to show him a billboard ad was totally unnecessary as well as the inclusion of a wedding scene. Also, the movie was wrapped up in an unrealistic and somewhat stereotypical romance as Chuks falls in love with one Tomi and ends up with another Ejiro, which of course he claimed he loved within a very short frame of time. Without the comedic ending, the movie could have appeared more realistic and true.

The movie was poorly edited because the overall sound quality was bad and displeasing to the ear. The sound issues lessened the attention given to the visual appeal of the movie.

Apparently, Okafor’s Law is satisfactory, but definitely not sensational.

Ayinoluwa Kolawole, a student of the University of Ibadan, is a movie freak.


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  1. Afor ifeoma says:

    Wow… I liked the movie tho but what have noticed in the industry nd her movies in particular is the problem of wrong casting and also the use of extras for instance in the movie when she was talking to some ladies after service before calling terminator that part was so lame and it’s worst in the movie ” wife’s on strike” . Well I would see the industry is going at least people can now go to the cinema to see a nollywood movie but criticism if taken in a positive way can make it much better… It’s high time new breeds are introduced into the system just like politics…


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