Series: Save My Soul (Episode 3) | by Yetunde Oyelude

The next day was a cool Thursday. It was 7:05 in the morning, the sky was placid and the ambience of Pace Setters Secondary School was tranquil. There were barely teachers and students in the school premises. Kamil and Lolade were the only ones in their classroom, wrapped in each other’s arms on the far end of the room. Dimeji and Sodiq were already in school too, but they chatted by the hallways just in front of their classroom, giving their friend and his girlfriend privacy.

Lolade raised her head up. “Again? Kamil! We just had sex two days ago and you want me to come to your house this night again. No oo, I cannot come.”

“Baby,” Kamil started, looking seductively into Lolade’s eyes. “Please now, I’ve missed you already.”

Lolade searched Kamil’s eyes as if to pick something. “No, Kamil. What excuse will I give mommy this time around? She said, shrugging romantically. “That I am going to borrow government textbook this time? And not Biology textbook certainly, because she already bought me that.”

Kamil lowered his long feminine lashes now. “It’s okay. Some other time.”

His cute face and puppy eyes anytime he had to yield to her decisions, always had her resolve melting. But despite the fact that it got to her, she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She could not afford having her mother suspecting her movements. She tilted her body facing Kamil, reluctantly making him rock the chair towards the wall, allowing her breasts brush his half bared chest through her blouse. She made for his lips with hers, tricked her hands to his navel – his erogenous-spot, kissed and caressed his tummy, until Kamil genuinely started responding to the sensation. He made for her busts, tensing the ecstatic feeling, only for someone to clear his throat.

It was Dimeji who had barged in.

” Huuh, Sorry guys,”

Lolade quickly sat up, buttoning up her shirt with a flustered face. Kamil just sat up, staring at the ground. “Lolade, I need you to help me with something, ” His eyes were filled with sheer determination. ‘’I really do need your help.’’

Lolade was startled. Whatever did Dimeji need her help for? She exhaled sharply. “what…what do you need my help for Dimeji?’’ She tucked the last button in.

He grinned and then went on to grab a chair to seat in front of her. “Look, you saw the way that proud babe insulted me yesterday right?”

“Of course. That girl is dumb. You guys need to teach that girl a lesson.” She glanced briefly at Kamil, who just kept watching her and Dimeji talk.

Dimeji snapped his fingers in agreement.“Exactly! She needs to be taught a serious lesson and that is why I need your help.”

Lolade frowned. “I’m going to help you deal with that girl?”

“You will just have to…”

“Don’t try any games with that girl D-boy. Just leave her alone.” Kamil had no idea what his friend needed his girlfriend’s help for. But whatever it was, he didn’t feel comfortable about it.

Dimeji’s face hardened at once. “Kamil, don’t tell me what to do. I’m not Sodiq okay?”

“I hear you man,” Said Sodiq, who had been standing by the door observing the proceedings.  “Fine. You are not me but no need to try anything with that girl. Let her be.”

Dimeji stood up aggressively, almost knocking his chair over. “No motherfucking person tells me what to do! I’m going to deal with that girl big time. You guys hear me? I’m going to give her the pre-crucifixion treatment. Man, I was made a laughing stock in front of all those kids! I can never let her go scot free. Never!’’

“I agree with Dimeji,” Lolade started, glancing intermittently at Kamil and Sodiq “you guys should put yourselves in his shoes. He was humiliated because of that rotten girl. I agree she needs to get her due.” She faces Dimeji. “What’s the plan?”

Kamil sighed. He was done talking. Why had he interfered in the first place? He just hoped his friend wouldn’t do anything stupid. Sodiq, on the other hand, shook his head, put his hands in his pocket and excused himself from the classroom, whistling.

“Hmm, Tonia, that one loves to ask questions ehn. She is the ‘I too know’ of our class and It’s not even as if she is the class topper,” Bimbo hissed. “Bukky is the olorigbono oo. First position all the way. And Amarachi, that one is the nosy one of the class,” Bimbo was busy giving updated information about each one of their classmates. Abeebat had not asked for any briefing but she listened to her newly found friend anyway. She wondered though, about who the real busybody was.

“What about Dimeji and his friends?” She finally asked Bimbo. She couldn’t deny that she was more interested in knowing about them.

Bimbo narrowed her eyes in horror and cautiously checked around the whole class to see who was watching or listening. It was an afternoon free period and thankfully everyone seemed lost in their various banters and “the bad boyz” and the ‘baddest’ girl of the class were conspicuously absent. Bimbo could breathe now. She couldn’t risk putting herself in trouble. Abeebat brows furrowed as she watched Bimbo. What is wrong with this girl?

Bimbo started in a low tone, “look Abeebat, there are some names that shouldn’t be mentioned loosely if you want your stay in this school to be peaceful. The walls have ears oo. Don’t get me into trouble.” Then she bowed her head in and continued in a lower tone, “Names like… Kamil, Dimeji, Sodiq and the sassy lo…”

“Hey,” Bimbo’s heart almost flew out of her chest as a familiar voice hit her ears. “Hi, it’s Abeebat right?

Lolade gave Abeebat a lovely smile, one too lovely to be sincere. Bimbo began to shiver inside. Trouble looms. And she and Abeebat were getting into it. Lolade never talks to new students. That aside, had she heard her earlier? Oh my God. Bimbo tried to steady her now shaky lips and started to squeeze her toes to quell her fears.

Abeebat maintained her calm disposition but she could sense Bimbo’s sudden apprehension. She glanced again at Bimbo briefly and then faced Lolade. “Yes, I’m Abeebat. You?”

Lolade gave a wry smile. “Lolade.”

Bimbo was facing Abeebat and she kept shaking and nodding her head simultaneously. But Abeebat was lost. What is going on? And why is Bimbo suddenly shaking?

Lolade sat down now on the seat opposite Abeebat’s. “Umm, Abeebat, I think you are really cool. You know, with the way you handled Dimeji yesterday. The guy is such a pest.”

Abeebat remained quiet. What does she want? She was tired of people praising her for such a trivial matter. “Umm, Abeebat, since it’s free period, why not let me show you around? You need a friend you know. With being new and all.”

Abeebat looked back and forth between Bimbo and the curvy girl with an overly nice smile who came out of nowhere, trying to figure out what was going on. Bimbo seemed like she wants to say something but then, was restraining herself due to some force. What does she want to say? Was Lolade’s presence terrifying her?

Abeebat tried to clear the thoughts playing in her head and faced Lolade. “How nice of you.” She finally said. “You can show me around during break time right? Bimbo and I are chatting now.”

Lolade turned to Bimbo now, smiling. A simple but unnerving smile that made it difficult for Bimbo to swallow. Bimbo lowered her gaze while still squeezing her toes. She got the message. Her lips had to be sealed or else…

Abeebat frowned as she watched the two. Bimbo was definitely afraid of her. Lolade was either a bully or something similar. Let’s see; her crisply ironed uniform, exposed cleavage and overly nice smile that could pass for a cheeky one, all literally read ‘Miss saucy’. Abeebat scrutinized the girl in front of her, still frowning.

Lolade faced Abeebat now, chuckling awkwardly. “I’m going to be busy during the breaks. I have notes to copy. Why not now? I really want to show you around now. Come on let’s hang out now.”

Abeebat had had it. She would go with this uncanny girl who is desperate to “hang out now” and maybe find out why Bimbo is scared of her. She stood up to Bimbo’s dismay. “Okay, let’s go.” She said, without looking at Bimbo.

Lolade herself, was kind of surprised that she had her trick had worked quickly. What a foolish girl that thinks she’s smart, Lolade thought. She chuckled inwardly, stood up too and continued to wear her fake smile. “Great. Let’s go.”

“Wait, where are we headed?” Abeebat stopped in her track, drawing her brows together in suspicion.

Lolade had dutifully showed her all the laboratories in school, but Abeebat had been apathetic. She was not interested in knowing where all those science students perform their weird experiments. After then, she was taken to the school’s poorly equipped library that appeared to be noisier than a kindergarten’s classroom. Abeebat knew in her heart and mind that she would never visit the library again till she graduates from the school.

But now, they were downstairs and the strange girl seemed to be leading her to the back of their school. Abeebat could not bug off her suspicion about what the girl was going to show her this time.

Lolade was smiling again. The same fake plastered smile that had been on her face since she came onto Abeebat and started taking her on a tour around the school. “I want to show you where my friends and I hang out once in a while. Come on, let’s go.” She could sense that Abeebat was starting to smell a fish. She had to be fast with this whole thing.

Abeebat still stood, scrutinizing Lolade. Why was she taking her to the back of their school building? What did she want to show her this time around?

Sensing Abeebat’s premonition, Lolade started to laugh awkwardly. She had to do something to distract her. “Come on. No one is going to bite you. I just want you to meet my other friends and show you our secret spot. Come on,” She urged Abeebat, winking a notorious eye at her.

Abeebat kept on staring at Lolade. Why did she want her to meet her friends and know their secret spot? Huuumph! Why had she even followed her in the first place?

She knew something was off about Lolade. Right from when she came out of nowhere offering to show her around with a plastered smile, she knew something was amiss. Bimbo’s behaviour also attested to that. But so far, she had to admit that the girl had not done anything out of the ordinary. Except now of course.

Abeebat sighed. She was mentally exhausted.

Maybe I’m just being weary for nothing, she mulled. Maybe this girl is really just trying to be friends with me like Bimbo did. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding everything.

But still…Bimbo was acting strange and…

“Come on,” Lolade’s desperate voice invaded Abeebat’s thoughts now. She could not take it anymore. The stupid girl was wasting her time, and the deed was almost done. She had to get this thing over with. “the break will soon be over. Let’s go.”

Abeebat was not even given the chance to reply as Lolade already grabbed a hold of her hand, dragging her along to her startlement…


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