Save My Soul (Episode 6) by Oyelude Yetunde


The break time had seen most of the students vacate the classroom, rendering it almost empty. Abeebat stood up from her desk now, quickly tucking the notes she had been copying into her bag. She had to go join Bimbo at the cafeteria. Her stomach was rumbling and the break was almost over.

But as she was about to step out of the classroom, she stubbed her foot against the threshold of the classroom’s door, causing her to almost trip over if not for a sturdy arm that tenderly grabbed her by the waist.

Abeebat raised up her head to Kamil’s face looking down at her. And they remained in that awkward position for some seconds, before Abeebat came back to her senses. She clumsily shrugged herself out of his hold and then to started to stare at him with accusing eyes. She  remembered that his mother was dead so she lowered her gaze now, suddenly secretly sympathising with him.

“Do you mind?” He beckoned her to clear the way.

“What?” She asked, suddenly getting out of her bout of pity.

“I need to pass, since you don’t seem to appreciate my kind gesture’.”

She chuckled incredulously. “Was that why you helped me? So you could hear me say ‘thank you’?

Kamil half-smiled. He knew who he was dealing with so he wasn’t going to talk much. “No. I helped you because you almost fell. So can you excuse me please?”

“I didn’t know bullies helped people too.” Her tone was clearly sarcastic as she studied Kamil.

Kamil sighed. “Please Madam; can you get out of the way?”

Abeebat smiled naughtily. “Why don’t you push me out of the way?” She shrugged. “It’s what you bullies do anyway.”

Kamil was getting agitated and he did not like it. “I believe you have a problem with my friend and not me. Right?”

“No. I actually have a problem with all of you. Including your skanky girlfriend.”

Kamil smiled tightly now, doing his best to keep his calm.

A girl was not going to get him upset.

“I know you all have been quiet this past week, busy plotting the perfect punishment for me right?”

“I think you are scared.” Kamil pointed out.

Abeebat immediately felt insulted. “No. I’m not.” She said, firmly. But she knew she was, at least a little.

“I know you think you are better than that your crazy friend,” She started. “Because you saved me from being dealt with right?” She said wryly. “Well guess what? You are all the same.” She said, spitefully. “You are no different from your crazy friend. Got that? You are all crazy.”

Kamil still kept his cool despite Abeebat really stepping on his nerves. “You are done right?”

Abeebat just stared at him fearlessly.

“I just have a simple advice for you. Make sure that you don’t repeat any of the things you just uttered to me to Dimeji. He’s petrol, not as tolerant as the diesel. Okay?” Kamil said, raising his brows.

“He can do me nothing. None of you can.” She assured.

“We’ll see about that.”

Abeebat huffed in disbelief. “Are you threatening me now?”

“Isn’t that what you wanted to hear?” Kamil asked raising his eyebrows. “That we are busy plotting something big?” He motioned for her to move out of the way now and she reluctantly did so but she didn’t let him get in halfway without having her final say.

“You know, I’ve never lost anyone dear to me. But losing someone doesn’t mean you should lose yourself too.”

With that, Kamil stopped dead in his track, taking in what he had just heard before turning to face Abeebat. “What the hell did you just say?”


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